Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday!!

Good Morning to you!:)

I know it's been a few weeks since last posting, I have gotten horrible at keeping up on this..

Life has been crazy, real crazy..

The ups, the downs and all arounds..

The ups...My semester for school is just about a month away..wheew thank goodness..

The downs..My hubby has been out of work for the last 1.5 months..

The ups...we still have alot to be thankful for..

The downs...I don't know how christmas will look this year for the kiddies..

Which makes me really sad :(

In my latest weeks of trial..

The devil did whatever he could to take my JOY..

Do you know that he will lie, cheat and steal to take your happiness from you..

He sent me to a very down place that nobody should visit..

Being overwhelmed with the lifes burdens in todays world can take a toll..


So this is why i've been out..I reached such a sadness and frustration in my heart that it really took ALOT of prayer to pull me out..

The beauty is no matter how far I slidback, God still wrapped his arms around me and continued to fight to pull me back up..

He is so amazing..

Well, I've got to get moving the kids have school shortly and Mrs. Stephanie is in her jams and i've got errands to run.

Have a beautiful day but do something for me...

Make note of at least one thing your thankful for everyday!!

Big Hugs to those that are still around,