Thursday, December 31, 2009

Say bye-bye!!

To ..........................................2009

December 31, 2009.....................and in no time it will be.........

2010 baby!!!!

I can't wait to to what God has in store for 2010!!!

Happy New Year!!!



Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry CHRISTmas & a happy new year!!

From our family to yours!!!

Merry Christmas & a happy 2010!!



Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thoughts & Question

So.......You like the updated Christmas Background??

I thought i'd revamp this and allow the christmast spirit to shine in the window..

Last night we put up our the Christmas Tree and my digital camera is down but I did take a few with my phone so..........

unless someone could tell me if it's possible to attach them from my phone to here.....or you are welcome to come see me on facebook and ALL my photos are uploaded there!! As you wish either way is okay with me!!

Ahh yes... Some know i'm a knitter and a crochet..i'm wanting to find a super easy, keep my attention hat pattern for kiddies to keep me moving, feeling worthy to give to precious children this chilly winter so if you have an idea, a link or something let me know could you?

Have a beautiful saturday!!



Thursday, December 3, 2009

Have you caught on yet??

Hi my name is Stephanie and I'm a emotional rollercoaster blogger!!

It's sunny outside but really I'd like to cover up with a blanket and mold into the couch!!

I hope your Thursday is a good one!!



Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday!!

Good Morning to you!:)

I know it's been a few weeks since last posting, I have gotten horrible at keeping up on this..

Life has been crazy, real crazy..

The ups, the downs and all arounds..

The ups...My semester for school is just about a month away..wheew thank goodness..

The downs..My hubby has been out of work for the last 1.5 months..

The ups...we still have alot to be thankful for..

The downs...I don't know how christmas will look this year for the kiddies..

Which makes me really sad :(

In my latest weeks of trial..

The devil did whatever he could to take my JOY..

Do you know that he will lie, cheat and steal to take your happiness from you..

He sent me to a very down place that nobody should visit..

Being overwhelmed with the lifes burdens in todays world can take a toll..


So this is why i've been out..I reached such a sadness and frustration in my heart that it really took ALOT of prayer to pull me out..

The beauty is no matter how far I slidback, God still wrapped his arms around me and continued to fight to pull me back up..

He is so amazing..

Well, I've got to get moving the kids have school shortly and Mrs. Stephanie is in her jams and i've got errands to run.

Have a beautiful day but do something for me...

Make note of at least one thing your thankful for everyday!!

Big Hugs to those that are still around,


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Wednesday..............!!

Can I get a Woowoo?

I have really no idea why I'm super loud and excited..Which you know you can express your intensity of your voice through your typing a.k.a. cyber yelling which isn't permitted in my online classes in college..HA..

And..if you knew me here close in person you would find out quickly i'm not quiet..Very loud...

I'm the one parent at the sports games that is hollering every few seconds and you have many sets of eyes staring at you!!

I'm also the one that is banned from cheering in a gymnasium..HA..why oh because I echo..wheew do I echo..

I don't mean to be loud but that is just me..:)'s Wednesday..and I've cleaned up for the most part besides of doing my hair..oh glory be to jesus..if you could see how long it would wonder what I do with all of it..

Yea I can post a I thought you'd never ask but it'll be this evening..

So I've got to

a. Get trash outside to curb
b. Get it together to run to town
c. Get lil two together and ready
d. Get Math going cause I have class today..

I'm going to try a new thing well new to me..A list..I need to percisely write down what I want to accomplish today and i might just conquer because I am notorious for procastination!!

So you (I say you cause who knows I probably have just about one beautiful ball of sunshine stop by) ..................have a GREAT day and I shall return!!



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes I'm here!!

I'm here..

I've been around...

Toodling around blogland and i've been reading your blogs, replying for the most part..but not mustering up enough energy to post something of my own.

It's not that I couldn't find something to talk about because My Crazy Life seems to always take left and right turns ...just not sitting down to post..because i'm sure i'd ramble like I am now..


Just wanted to send a shout out and I'll post another post sooner rather than later..with all kinds of juicy info..(Who am I kidding I live in Missouri..nothing exciting happens here but the weather change we face)

Hugs & I'll be back :)


Monday, October 5, 2009

I've been up to my eyeballs in...



Running errands


More homwework

Supervising the kids n there homework

Mainly just running like a crazy mad woman because there isn't enough time in the day to do everything calm and collectively....

So here's to Monday!!!!



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please Would You Pray...

During the time I was reading up on some blogs I read about this beautiful family.

They are the Sullivan Family and they truely need our

From what I read this is a family of a Husband/Wife and a adorable baby names Chloe. The Wife named Sara had breast cancer while she was pregnant with Chloe. She had Chloe last week and they were home just two days when things took a turn and Sara began to have a seizure. Since then she was put on life support and yesterday she went onto Heaven. The Husband is now to care for Chloe...

I know that our God knows the situation and he has a greater plan than we could ever imagine..

Please I ask that you would pray for them and stop by their blog and leave some words of encouragement & love.

Thank you,


Monday, September 21, 2009

I know I am 1 week past last Monday posting but this will better explain what I've been up to....

One long title right?

I know I stated I was to start answering your questions and believe you me ..everyday that passed I thought oh goodness, I meant to write on my blog and another day gone............

So... we have literally been at our church every night starting last monday with the exception of Tuesday......

And this is why...............And Let me say doing work for the Lord is INCREDIBLE...

Our Revival was geared toward the children BUT let me say God has a way of bringing everyone together....and Adults were touched as well..

Last night was our final night of Revival..

Everyone was praying up at the front and a young women came up and requested prayer for her shoulder. She had been in a car accident and was unable to move it and really the dr.s told her she was looking to have surgery........

This kids were up at the alter and my daughter K and another little girl E was praying. This women asked if the girls would pray for they held hands and prayed, God was touching, he was healing, his presence was incredible...

After prayer was over, she said "My shoulder, I can move it now"!!! She said it was hurting and I couldn't move it and now I can raise it up and down!!

God is so good and see my girl be overjoyed at God's healing is EVEN more AWESOME!!

I wanted to post this to give you strength today ..for whatever you are in need of in your life God will supply it!!

All you beautiful ladies have a blessed monday and I'll plan to post Q & A answers starting tomorrow....

Hugs & More Hugs,


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keep'em coming~~~~~

Happy Wednesday to the beautiful ladies out there..... :)

I LOVE reading the questions....I'm so excited to start on them......(which will be next monday)

It's been a day of running here and i'm gonna try to sneak in some MATH homework.. Lord help me with this...whip some dinner...(chicken and noodles) and get ready to head into the House of the Lord and be refreshed.. pretty ladies keep thinkin of them questions and I am excited to continue reading you all know i'm a talker and so these post will be quite interesting..

Hugs to each of you!!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Q........&........A TIME

Okay so...........

Some might not like alot of questions...........

BUT .............I do..........

So..since....I think Q & A is exciting and eventful.....

If you have any...........send them my way......and I'll be excited and willing to answer any you have........

No question is too crazy, dumb, embaressing, serious, you get it..nothing is off limits.....




Thursday, August 27, 2009

I bet you were starting to think............

I did vanish huh?

I wrote that post with no intentions of like poofing into thin air and becoming M.I.A......Cause that would just be rude and I in no way wanted to send off with a rude post.....I know it's been a crazy summer, seriously oh do I know..I was starting to think well, I do tend to have crazy moments in my life I could post but really I have a love for lord so huge that you can't even measure it..and to witness to people and talking,singing, some that can send others the other direction.

~~Please also know when I ask any of you if you have a prayer request, it is meant with the highest respect..I believe in prayer, it works.. I've seen it work..~~ MckMama last post she spoke about "Being careful what you pray for, cause you NEVER know" Oh I almost fell outta my seat when I was reading it and it's just because 48 hours ago my husband and I were discussing that and how it applies to us in our home and the change of events that has transpired..)Oh did you catch that part where I wrote my hubby and I talking about prayer..(that's a whole other post of things changing)...Back to my thought..

IF YOU HAVE A PRAYER REQUEST,whatever it is, please let me pray with you..You can reach me by here, my prayer blog, facebook or email...Just so you know..

Alot has been going on & so much to write about......

For now i'm off to the shower to get ready to start another

For some reason here lately, their just isn't enough time in the day to get done things.....seriously I have homework stacked....(Yep Mua..)someone help me now!!


Know I am here and I do ready your guys posts, not always do I reply but I do think of each of you all the time and praying for each of you..We might not all live on the same street like neighbors but you ladies are special that's forsure..

Have a Beautiful Thursday W/ lots of Hugs coming your way!!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

One by One

One by One..............

I have lost................

Each followers interest....................

To my Blog.....................

So, .......................

I'm deciding on whether or not to close it down..................

But know i'm still here....And if you have a prayer request, please let me know.

Many Hugs,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ups & Downs

Through the days we live...... we are bound to travel roads that give us curvy, side roads we take..........

Without going in detail..................................

Yesterday I was broken,hurt,mad,sad,angry,upset,confused,furious,scared...and I still am.....but ...........

I am so thankful and so grateful I serve a God who loves, and cares..and he is my strength...

I posted something on facebook last night stating..God please wrap your arms around me..A friend of mine linked me to the most beautiful song...

I want to say..NO matter what you are facing he loves you with all his heart..

Just stop and listen..close your eyes...hear the will touch you I promise..

Many Hugs,


Saturday, August 8, 2009

My lil J = 3

Between my birthday and lil j's birthday there are 5 days.....

I never thought three years ago, he would come in the way he did. I was pregnant at 36 weeks and we still had not came to a decision on a name. At this time my hubby worked late hours so coming in one morning about 4, I said "We have got to come up with something because we NEVER know what might happen..." We threw around names and Joshua came out..Loved it..and DONE......or so we thought..

The previous night, I was knitting and experiencing some back pain but didn't think much of it really so as hubby was getting settled towards heading to bed, I made a pit stop at the restroom.......

Let's just say #1 didn't stop as quickly as it should of......

HA.....I stood up and you would've thought someone turned on the faucet...Now I never experienced a water break on my own but yea you know when it happens..

So here I am hollering,........and hollering......and hollering....lord only knows where my hubby is and what he's doing...

K comes running in and said "What's the matter"? ..I said hello... I've flooded the floor here, go get your father.................................

Finally, he came and seen what was all the fuss was about.....I said well, Josh decided he was ready when he heard his name...

So mind you, i'm still waiting to drain w/ a towel...trying to get all our stuff together and hubby says "Can I take a quick shower?"....oh ..sure I thought, I'm not going in where..I said you better hope to all goodness I don't start into contractions...we're gonna have issues.....

Moving forward......onto checking in..........I love when you get there and they ask you why your there and you water broke........Are you sure they say?...Uh yea, pretty sure, if not that was alot of potty...ALOT...

Progressed well...and here he was....the smallest, precious baby i've ever had. Coming in at 7 pds even. He struggled with his blood sugar so it was debated for him to go to NICU but ended up going to nursery. To this day you can see the little pricks on his heels from where they tested him every hour the first 24 hours..We'd have to have I believe so many good numbers in a row.. and if we had to good sets and then a bad number, we'd start ALL over....

For him coming a month early, he is healthy for the most part...He does seem to get chest congestion colds easy and requires inhalers at those times but other than that..he's okay...He is our smallest kid..My first two came in at 8"13 and 8"12, (talk about PAIN) Holy Guacamoli... and my last girl was 8 even....


Having told lil J's story...we're switching gears because also this week we are POTTY TRAINING.......WooHoo.......

Anyone that has had two in diapers at the same time.......let me feel like your drowning in the sea of potties & poo's..........

My first two were diaperless at 2 weeks shy of 3.....

Now lil J on the other hand, he has been going okay but becoming diaper free wasn't going so well...

UNTIL NOW.....................................................

I am happy to say Day 3 and we are crusing awesomely.......

Day 1 went great
Day 2 minor accident, going on his own.
Day 3 completely out and done ....crossing fingers...

Our first day I seriously thought we were gonna wear out the carpet going every 30 minutes...The end of the first night he'd say "I'm so tired"

Bittersweet.....eventhough I'm glad that just one more year and diapers will be a thing of the past..but sad to know no more babies... :(

Now that i've kept you this long, I should tell you my humorous part with my youngest..

lil k is my most patience taker, most awnry, most emotional, most dramatic, child I have .....MOST high maintenence...

As she has seen her brother go potty for a few months now.......she has come to the conclusion.......she can too.....................STANDING UP!!!!!!

Trying to tell a one year and explain she can't stand and potty ...isn't matter what i say she'll take her diaper off and stand on her tip toes..just hoping her potty will curve and hit the tiolet..........It's funny on one end but not so much cleaning up her messes......

Surely within the next year she'll transition into sitting ............right?.....or i'll have to get her the female funnel to potty in ...........Can you imagine........I'm not even gonna go there..........

So......I'm off to clean the house up for some cake and ice cream to celebrate my handsome boy turning 3 today!!

Many Hugs & enjoy your weekend...


Monday, August 3, 2009

Whose turned 31?

Any Guesses................



Yep, it's me..

Today is mua's birthday..

I have alot more to post but this is the short version as we're off to prayer meeting at church..



Saturday, August 1, 2009

While I'm waiting..

I know I've been M.I.A for the most part..Going through some things..

I am gonna throw this out there and ask if any of watched 'Fireproof' The movie?..If you haven't...oh ladies do I recommend it...


The other night I was on fb and I pulled up the movie to which their are many clips of pieces in the movie AND songs...

I really had no thoughts to describe my inner being I clicked this video and yea it was everything I was wanting to say..

So here's the lyrics and down below is the video..

Remember If you have a prayer request please send me an email or leave a message..

Hugs to each of you,


While I'm waiting

I'm waiting
I'm waiting on You, Lord
And I am hopeful
I'm waiting on You, Lord
Though it is painful
But patiently, I will wait

I will move ahead, bold and confident
Takeing every step in obedience
While I'm waiting
I will serve You
While I'm waiting
I will worship
While I'm waiting
I will not faint
I'll be running the race
Even while I wait

I'm waiting
I'm waiting on You, Lord
And I am peaceful
I'm waiting on You, Lord
Though it's not easy
But faithfully, I will wait
Yes, I will wait
I will serve You while I'm waiting
I will worship while I'm waiting
I will serve You while I'm waiting
I will worship while I'm waiting
I will serve you while I'm waiting
I will worship while I'm waiting on You, Lord

Sunday, July 26, 2009

~~@@Baby Stellan@@~~

Prayers for Stellan

Prayers, Prayers, Prayers....... He's very weak, his SVT is taking a toll..he's clammy, pb is low, extremities are cold...

Oh God, Take care of this precious child..His parents need your love, strength, are a mighty god and you know the plan for Stellan..

Please take time and pray for them right now..



Sunday, July 19, 2009

~~And Then Their Were Two~~


I made the note in my last post I was going to make this next post better......

In the last 24 hours, I have had 2 women come to me for listening ears.. I am by no means a therapist, a genius, a know-it-all..but there is a few things I have come to realize..

For different reasons they came to me..and I believe without a doubt it was God's work. Back at the beginning when I first started this crazy blog thought..I thought who really is going to read my nonsense, crazy life anyhow..


12 people later.. a few that stop by also.. I must say something to brighten their day..

Tonight, something spoke to me as I was looking at my bible sitting here on my desk..and I heard this thought (and no I've not lost my ooples) start another blog..


Another one..

I'm doing well honestly to keep on top of one let alone TWO..

Eventually this post will get underneath the others BUT.. over on the right side is a block....

It reads Prayer Requests and a link .. to my othe blog.. titled

..Matters to you matters to him..

So please if you would like to leave a request for whatever it might be..please do so..

No request is minimal..No request is silly..Each and everyone ..that matters to YOU matters to HIM.



~~I found a Giveaway~~

I found Sarah's Blog Jill at

And Mrs. Sarah is giving away a BEAUTIFUL package for her One Year Blog..versary.. it is.. go check it out!!



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yes I'm still around ......believe it or not!!

I know.....I've went on Blog Haitus.......

I haven't felt the best........

I've had the worst headaches in my whole 30 years of life..........

They don't seem to be leaving...........or stopping..............

Makes me for a uncheery person................

But I'm reading my bible and still praising the Lord..........

I'll be back to post something a bit more exciting than this.........



Friday, July 10, 2009

Today..........Take 2

I started my title and then I hit a button and Poof. it sent let's try this again.

It's Friday.........

Kat's coming home today...........

It's been a long week................

I'm sorry I haven't posted the last two days..............

Wednesday.. I was quite the hormonal mother..and ran through every emotion in a 12 hour period I do believe...Ending the day the best ever........In church and Praying..What a blessing I sat at the alter and just let it out..And felt a huge relief..

So.........remember the last I spoke about paying in forward.. just doing one thing for someone..and what the blessing would be and in return you will recieve a blessing by God..

I did just what I said because really that would be crazy if I said it but didn't do it...

So I went and rounded up the clothes my kids have outgrown and posted them to freecycle.. They been picked up throughout the week and still going for tomorrow..
Also went poking in our storage....Giving it away..Anything that we DON'T use it's going on down..

Let me say it feels so good to bless others..No matter what the circumstance is..just a random act of kindness is soo beautiful..

This week overall went really well...

I'm excited to see my girl tonight...I so hope she returned with all her stuff!!

That's it ..nothing to loud and crazy here......Just a few days recap in My Crazy Life!!

Have a beautiful weekend


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hmm..This & That...

Honestly ....

I think today has dragged on forever enough~~

Let's roll backwards............. babygirl..yes who will be 11 soon ..HA..woke me up and let me say..her voice can carry~~~... At 7 a.m. wheew ..She's all HI MOM!! What a HELLO!! BUT I was soo glad to hear her voice so all was well.. She was off to a day of breakfast..swimming..paddle boating...awww..How cute..that would've been to see..more eating..(and she is EATING..awesome worry down..HA..more swimming..and service which she really enjoys(the best part)I enjoyed listening too..

Oh and back to the swimming and water....
Okay so this right here....

Honestly has been the talk of the house since we started discussing camp really....

Seeing pictures of children ~~FLYING~~through the air..Oh makes my stomach raise into my throat..

All I can picture is someone jumping on the blob and K going so high..


This morning when she shouted said Mom, We're off to play in the river and go check out the BLOB..oh talk about praying..praying..


So..this is how our conversation went this afternoon:

K~ Hi Mom, How are you? What are you doing? I hear Ky aka lil k screaming..

Mom~ Hi Honey, I'm fine ,How are you ..good too .. yea ky is mad..Her and lil J are not getting along the least bit. today..

Mom again~ You eat today?

K~ Yea for breakfast I had Eggs, Sausage, Toast, ..Sheew she ate like a queen..HA.. and for lunch Corndogs..

And Mom the best part..I went on the BLOB..oh jesus I thought..lord do I want to hear what's coming out of her mouth next?

K~ The first time she said..I just popped of a little ..didn't get very high.....


Someone bounced onto it ..and mom no kidding I flew like 7 feet in the air....


Now tell me I was so hoping her 7 ft. and my exact 7 ft. were so unaccurate..

I'm like you so better be careful..and Kat..really you might want to keep the 7ft. distance on the down low from your father..He will prob. have a anxiety attack..

K~~Oh and I road the paddleboat today..It was so fun..We went out and out..oh heavens to betsy ..I kept thinking..

I kept praying lord keep my baby safe..let her have a best time but keep her safe~~

So loved my call from my girl..

Not loving how lil k & lil j woke up with the intent this morning to drive their mother bonkers....

Let's see ..I finished paperwork for fall semester..just awaiting date for pickin my good ole books!!

I do want to say that I am so thankful, blessed to be the recipient of a blessing I recieved last week!!

Let's see here....As long as I've been in college ..which honestly is not as long as it feels its been.. I have broke my classes in between on campus and online..well..of course since I have a hubby, and two children who love the computer and tinker on it..finding time to do my own school work without loosing a substantial amount of sleep is far and few between.. has NEEDED/wanted a laptop..Would make life a bit easier..

and...some have heard of Freecycle..some say it can be awesome at times..

I thought well all else fails I can get one in Oct. when my student loans come in but in the mean time..let's just really pray for this ..and put a note out their looking for one.. I did post and ta da..response the next day!!

This person said he had one ready, just sitting here..and his words were it can be yours!! Say What..Do What..? Yes, yours .. I fix these and give away!!

I know.. some are thinking.. if it sounds to good to be true..probably is..NOT IN THIS CASE..

After running a few errands..I sped home in my soccer mom van..steamed full ahead to my desk here.. and plugged her in(my pc)and oh she is B-e-a-t-i-f-u-l!! I was dancing with the laptop..really I was hugging it and crying because I was so thankful, I mean so grateful for ones kindness to do something for others that they by no means had to do.. i'm waiting to get a router for it**wheew**some are expensive..but I can't wait to use it..No more having to worry about my school stuff dissapearing with a poke of ones finger!!

So in that thought.. With all the odds and ends items around here that are getting dusty I'm posting them on freecycle for others to use..

And so I'm thinking...I encourage each and everyone to do a random act of you don't have to go way above and beyond..a little goes a LONG ways!!

Last last post..had something to do with reading...and I was told ..books are on the way!! So shopaholic reading here I go!! In some ways not a shopaholic..others yes..I guess for corny things like fabric and yarn..eventhough I have yet to sew a stitch or continue ones blanket I is like it calls you near..HA.. So..Mrs. Jill ..I'll be watching out the glass door!! HA..

I need to be shopping for a new purse..that is for sure ..soon real soon!!

So..K called awhile ago to say Goodnight..To hear her excitement and how much fun she's having is all worth the quiet here!! I think she just likes the use of that phone..hopefully she'll remember when she returns mommas taking it

Hugs & thanks for stickin it out through this long post!!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Missin My Girl..........

I miss my girl.........

I wrote on facebook.....I miss my Girl.....One wrote grab a book(which i'll admit isn't one of my most favorite things to do, it has to be very real and catch me at a HELLO!!)

Next. Sewing..Uh..the thought gives my blood pressure some raising..HA..Sounds like ALOT of fun though..

My 10 year that thinks she is tooo BIG for her skirt...

She called this afternoon ..which was about 2 p.m. ..

I heard her voice say Hi Mom..and yea I'll say it ..I teared up..

I was strong this morning..I just teared a minute or two........I was driving her to church and looked in my rear view mirror and she smiled so beautifully...

Time has went slow today..

I need to really find something to keep my brain busy...

Or I'll be wondering if she's:
Minding in Service





Consuming Food of any Goodness

Checkin out Boys

Minding her manners..lord knows she tends to slip at home..

Hopes to all goodness she thinks before she speaks..

O well..Nothing I can do about any of this but pray, pray and more prayer that she comes home blessed with a fresh spirit(and not as much attitude).

Love & The evening is Drawing Near..



Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blessed Be Your Name

Yes it's Sunday morning........the wee itty bitty hours..and I really have nothing to say..that is exciting anyhow..

I took a few pics of our yea take a peek if you wish..and I'm off to get some little zzz's..cause today's is SUNDAY..and in a few hours i'm going to PRAISE THE his house!! The lord is soo refreshing to me and I truely can't thank him for everything he's done..

Love & Yea today is it ...last day until my girl is off to camp!! Tonight, she says "Mom, I am gonna miss you this week".. Aww..whether or not she can test my sanity and patience like she did just this morning, it still makes you jello inside to hear those few words!!

Next time I'll be posting with off to camp pics!! Cmon Kleenex's.HA



Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!

I am sending Wishes for a Beautiful Happy 4th Independence Day!!

I hope everyone is having a Blessed Day and a Relaxing Weekend!!

K is packed & ready for Camp!! Everything is ready including a phone for her to take for need be..

She's off to a week of refreshing,praying,worshipping,activities,meeting new friends swimming, and everything else she'll be doing for 5 days!! I think the thing that gets me is she has for the most part been at home. So for 5 whole days I won't know what she is doing at what times. I just leave in Gods hands that she will have a great time and get out of camp whatever it might be she is searching for(excluding boy looking)!!

So.....Wishing you happiness on this Holiday....



Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Plans...for ...4th of July .........Independence Day!!

And you all thought I up and poofed..gone again........

HA not so fast..

So..everyone knows..the 4th is right around the corner...(Saturday to be exacto)

I was leaving a comment for on there I found a comment by a women and her post caught my eye. She said she would do a link up from her blog.. back to MckMama...

Now that I've totally confused is having a Giveaway..

Her idea...

Post your plans on blog, fb, or somewhere she indicates ..what your plans are for the 4th.. of July.. I am prob. one of the least busy mommas this weekend so here it goes...

My hubby works from Tues-Sat.. and he offered to work on the 4th..Holiday Pay is always a treat..right?

We live in the city and really I'm not excited about spending $$ for fireworks... a few things.. I imagine we'll do but if I get my hubby in that white tent ..I will have to pull him out before they offer him anything extravigant..cause he won't say NO..well just to ME!!

This holiday is also bittersweet as the 3rd of July will mark 10 years since my father in law..has passed away. This also marks 10 years that I miscarried twins ..very early in pregnancy) so having said that..we just make the most of this beautiful holiday and be thankful for all the service men and women that have risked their lives for us!!

**ALSO** If you have seen my Ticker...This momma has just a few days until K is leaving for camp..Honestly I am VERY excited for her.. and let me say in the last day she has repacked and refolded the few items in her suitcase. HA.. Just sitting at the dining room table yesterday and watching her sit on the couch I started to tear up..I can't believe she is almost 11, going to church camp, entering the 5th grade..See my eyes tear up just thinking about it..

Sunday we'll have a after service get together with some yummo to celebrate the fourth..and we'll be praying for beautiful blessings for all those leaving the next morning...TO CAMP!!

Well this is it..Nothing exciting really..

Just another day in MY CRAZY LIFE!!

Tell me what are YOUR 4th of July Plans?

Hugs & Tissues,


Thursday, June 25, 2009


I ask that because you took the time to come visit my blog that you would ease your mind, rest your heart and read the words to this beautiful song. This song is another one of my favorites. If you really hear the words..absorb them into your soul you will feel so blessed.....

I grew up in sunday school
I memorized the Golden rule
And how Jesus came to set the sinner free
I know the story inside out
I can tell you all about
The path that led Him up to Calvary
But ask me why He loves me
And I don't know what to say
But i'll never be the same
Because he changed my life when He became...

Everything to me
He's more than a story
more than words on a page of history
He's the air that I breath
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
He's everything, everything to me

We're living in uncertain times
And more and more I find that i'm aware
Of just how fragile life can be
I want to tell the world I found
A love that turned my life around
They need to know that they can taste and see
Now everyday I'm praying
Just to give my heart away
I want live for Jesus
So that someone else might see that he is...

You're everything to me
You're more than a story
More than words on a page of history
You're everything to me
You're more than a story
More than words on a page of history
You're the air that I breath
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
You're everything to me
Lord, you're everything to me

Today as I was rushing around to do a few daily duties as the lady of the house..I was standing at the kitchen doing some dishes..This very song came to my mind and I began to sing it in my mind. As I went on I had to stop but I just felt the Lords presence over me and I began to cry tears as I mouthed these very words...

He's everything to me...

The AIR I breathe...

The water I thirst for...

I want to do whatever it takes to be a witness and open other people up to how wonderful our god is!! I encourage others to let HIM be not just a part of your life but a huge being of yourself.

Our God is ....

Our Rock

Our Strength

Our Counselor

Our Father

Our Best Friend

Anything that YOU need ...

Physical, Spiritual, Emotional healing...

He is Right there...Reach out and touch HIM!!

So.. What is HE to YOU?



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

P words (I for warn you now..this is one of my CRAZY moments)

I first want to say that my ULTIMATE favorite P word is PRAYER...

Prayer- is the act of attempting to communicate with a deity or spirit. Purposes for this may include worshipping, requesting guidance, requesting assistance, confessing sins, as an act of reparation or to express one's thoughts and emotions.

I believe in Prayer whole heartedly..I love to pray..When I was younger I attended church a few times BUT when I was 29 last Father's Day did I give myself to the Lord. I have had some battles this last year..BUT I do know that our God is our Strength, our Rock, our Provider, our best Friend. When you feel ALL alone he is right there..just reach out and touch him.

Prayer gives us comfort and peace and our God hears our prayers. We even myself have to remember that it is God's timing not my timing.

When a person being through a blog or someone in my church ask for prayer. I take that and do just that..

God hears our Prayers so please know that no matter what when you are praying, calling out to God..he takes his arms and wraps them around you.

Having said all of this to say........If anyone has a prayer request, please let me know. You can contact me through here or on the right is my email address...

.................okay switching gears here....................................

If you were to grab a dictionary you could open it and find many ...interesting words..some more intriguing to read than others.......


My post today is brought by the letter P..................HA


I have some P words that I enjoy ........

One that I LOVE

and some..........


My lil K & our P words.....




Potty & yea P..P

This child.. my daughter isn't 2 yet but she really is pushing my WHITE not grey hairs literally out. She thinks because brother lil J can do his business in the B room than well why can't she... UH HELLO..Trying to explain why her being a girl aren't able to do things like her brother.. AHEM.. isn't working so well...

Everyone knows ..hopefully..a favorite song of mine is 'I am Free'.. I love it .. when it hits the radio in the car.. I turn it up and yes I am a car singer and LOVE IT.. lil K takes it really to heart and shreds all articles and so...............

I went in this morning to get her up and YEA......she was FREE..

Oh Jesus Help Me!! I ask her where are your clothes and diaper?

Uh ...I dunno know.....and I found them on the floor..I said k madison did you take your diaper off..

And she is knows when she is in trouble she takes her arm and covers her face..she says YES.. I go Potty!!

I know their are parents who potty train at her age..But I just don't know what to do with this. I can take her to do her business in the B room but again she thinks she can STAND......AHHHHH...

So this is my CRAZY moment.........and it's not 10 a.m. yet.


Hugs & lots of water because it is SCORTCHING HOT today......

Ding....Ding.Ding....I've found another GIVEAWAY!!

I know .. I know.. my kitchen is screaming.. my vacuum is taping my foot.. BUT.........

Mrs. Stephanie found another giveaway & about fell outta my seat .....why you has to do with YARN..


Momma B @ is having a GIVEAWAY.. It is a BEAUTIFUL brown/ blue clutch purse...


She has started with opening an Etsy Store and letting all us beautiful people about it.

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I almost forgot .........Tell Momma B I sent ya and double the treat!!


I've found a GIVEAWAY..

Don't you just love how you find new blogs just by the click of the mouse. I found Lisa through her blog from ANOTHER blog I enjoy reading....


Due to her 25th post, Lisa is having a GIVEAWAY...

It is made by and it is a Beautiful Head Massager!! Now call me crazy but How relaxing would it be to have your Head massaged. Personally, for me to have my hair brushed is totally relaxing so having my head massaged is just lovely.

So Please Go......Run over and Follow instructions for her Giveaway!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayer.......IT WORKS!!

I want to put focus on Baby Stellan..

The last 24 hours have been a roller coaster ride for them...

Baby Stellan needs our prayers.....

His mom & dad need our prayers...........

PRAYER does please join in prayer.......

GO visit her page and leave a few words of encouragement.

Thank you,


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I stopped to ponder my title for this post and AHEM.......nothing..

Not really sure what that is all about as all of a sudden I can't spit out a delicate title.. This women of many thoughts and yet no post title ..Odd I know..

If you wondering....No I haven't had anymore episodes of forgeting my children at school..LOL.. Miss K made sure on Monday that I knew school let out and 2 ..Gee ..they really think mom would forget twice..Not gonna say it won't happen again someday but let's hope not for a LONG while!!

Well we've hit WEDNESAY..and PRAISE GOD..we have service tonight because I am patiently waiting until we go.. The clock says 4:24 a.m. Oh goodness I still have 14 hours to go..HA..

Nothing compares to the breath of air you feel when you open the church doors and walk in. A person can be weighed down with many burdens and yet when you turn the door knob and enter ... oh it's breathless... I have felt it..I have encountered periods of time in my life where emotionally and spirtually all I could do was gather myself together and I felt so broken that I have literally hung over the alter pew. To let out all my tears, all my fears, all my burdens, ask for forgiveness for my short falls and NOTHING..NOTHING compares to the unconditional love our god gives us. To feel the Lords presence in your PRICELESS..

I'd have to say a new favorite song of mine is 'Savior Please'..Oh it really can touch your heart and I recommend anyone to pull it up ...Love It..

As one can see I have yet to finish my Anniversary Post.. AHEM..
My mind has been filled with lots of yea...still working on it..

Then I just realized uh....Father's Day is on SUNDAY... oh Jesus help me!!

I won a scrapbook through Polly's Path blog..(Love her blog..You can find her blog below on the right.. I could insert it here and make it look cute but I have no clue so there is my shout out)..

Yea back to that book..uh .. days are ticking down and oh help me I HAVEN'T started yet.. and I also thought well that blanket I was making for my husband I could give that to him for Father's Day..HA HA .. Until I realized that it's just around the corner..No matter how fast I crochet .. that would be considered magic to have it done ...

That blanket..I have got to get with it..I took a few days off but having been making progress and I so need to get it done before semester starts again..FYI that is in AUGUST..oh Jesus Help Me!!

It seems to be the older I get.. not that i'm again rapidly.. do I lose a handle of time..and some days I am on to getting things accomplished and others not so much..maybe I need time management skill help..HA>.. OR maybe it is the fact that my YOUNGER two are about to take my patience to a WHOLE other level...

Oh and I am NOT kidding when I say another level..because them two together are like peas & carrots of naughtyville.. They mize well be twins eventhough they are a year apart..It's like they have a secret language and they are in cahoots to drive this momma batty..

For instance I didn't think yesterday was EVER going to end..

Two monkeys jumpin on the couch..

Using toys to manuver flippin over the back of the couch..

Sneakin upstairs and climbing on the bunk beds...HELLO.. can I say broken arm.. or LEG..and these kids are NOT very old almost 2 & 3..

OH miss lil K deciding to free of all clothing and under accessories..yea at first I chuckled but NO MORE!!

She thinks because her bubba can do things standing.....AHEM.. so can SHE..not gonna happen..

OH the potty training.. let me have my moment lil J will be 3 in August..and the other two had NO problems transitioning over at 2 weeks before turning 3 but this one..OH BOY.. I am beginning to wonder ..He can do either business not a problem and he'll even go when needed BUT if he is in big boy pants...AHEM..doesn't or won't go when needed.. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT..

I know something is gonna have to give..before my sanity does..It is for sure no two kids are alike.. all my children are beautiful blessings and don't get me wrong because I do cherish my kids..but is never a dull day..lil K is getting so big..she isn't 2 yet but it seems she is getting so big, advancing faster than the others..oh time stand still..let her be 2 and not jump to 12 so fast I lose sight of her milestones.

It is amazing when I turn on music that I start chattering.. and chattering.. boy this post is gonna be long winded.. I do apologize..oh goodness it's 5 am.. I like the quiet at this time.. I won't like the tired part later but as long as I don't fall asleep in church..AHEM..then I'll be good..:)

Well K participated in a walk a thon for church last saturday in efforts of raising money for camp..






Just a couple weeks and she'll be off to camp for a whole week..where she'll be out..doing things..

Having a sleepover with a friend is one thing but actually gone for a WEEK..where I won't have a play by play of what's going on...Their will be alot of deep cleaning that week..

If I cry when my kids sing in the choir at church(everytime because they melt my heart) then I will be a bumbling mess on July 6th..I guess I could get a ticker help me ..oh goodness..

Well enough rambling..

We had baseball last night.. again on this friday..Next week we have 4 count them FOUR games.. I see alot of grey hair sprouting then..and yea I have some seem to sprout at the front.. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT anyway?

Hugs & Love on This Wednesday!!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh No You Didn't!!

Today is Friday..and is also June the 12th A.K.A my Wedding Anniversary..TEN years..

I had a post going and it is still incomplete so it's drafted for now until I can finish it..

I can however give you something to laugh about because seriously everytime I think about it .... I can't help but laugh..

Okay so today is...........................FRIDAY!!

And my older two attend.....................SUMMER SCHOOL!!

And on FRIDAYS they dismiss ................EARLY!!

Well..honestly my brain was all but scattered all over..............!!

Monday-Thursday Mrs. Stephanie leaves around 1:30 to get in line and yes they don't get out until 2:00 p.m. BUT we have parents their that get there WAY to early and because I'm too lazy to park and risk getting RUN over I do the drive thru pull up!!

On Fridays granted i'm supposed to be out the door around 12:30..........................BUT



I am tootling along making my husband some lunch and.....................

YEA UH HUH............

My phone rings.....................................................................................................


IT'S ..............FRIDAY..........


Yes......... I forgot to PICK UP my children.........!!!!

Who forgets to pick up their children!!

Uh HELLO me right here!!

I could NOT believe I did that.. I go Oh My Goodness K I will be right there..

As I bull doze out the door I holler it's FRIDAY.. yea my husband says .....AND ..

UH our children are sitting up at school on a bench because their mother totally wasn't paying attention!!

Oh..this is one of those moments that your child will NEVER let you forget!!

Now I still laugh because well it is kinda funny now but i'm sure the teacher thought.. oh huh..uh.. nice try leaving your children........CRAZY LADY!!

I will get it together to post my intentional today post tomorrow..

Hugs & many Blessings,


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Play

No .. we don't have to run to New York to watch a Show..

Right in lovely Missouri could you see a beautiful reinactment..

No.. I won't be wearing my ball gown or glass slippers..

I have my mop on my left and my gloves on the right...

I will now toodle off to my duties as the women who cleans in Cinderella..

LOL...Yea Am I the lucky one this morning...

Hugs & to a more filling post later!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yea.uh that title just shot out there.. so going with it!!

Wheeww..So it's been what like FOREVER since I last posted...

Reading back..I have really notta clue where I left off so... Mrs. Stephanie is gonna wing this ..feel free to climb into my plane and join me on this ride..


1. Semester of college ended...PRAISE GOD...because honestly I thought at one point I was entering a state of breakdown... Overall did fairly well..Well honestly I tanked Math..LOL...Math has never been a subject of mine. I initially when looking into college wanted to be a Surgical Tech..and then when I seen the math credentials..OH NO >> not going there.. So next thing in line NURSE>.....I know I'm really gonna have to book it this next semester..***Note to self(No late nights tending to my farm on fb**)

2. Mrs. Stephanie has also been contemplating working next fall ..when the kids go back into school.. If I thought this last semester was crazy....I better hold onto my skirt because this one could be quite challenging...

But ......really what do I do my husband does work a job..but with 4 kids....hello.. it is still tight.. but realistically...uh I'm only one person here ..... Women as we know are spread thin enough so for me to work too.. I'm honestly scared...So..moving on..

3. We finished soccer last saturday..J really pulled out all the stops the last 2 games..usually he gets tired out by the end of the season game 5 GOALS>.... Ladies..I about shouted.. and did kart wheels..Okay..not the kart wheel part but yes .. I was one screamin lady out there..cuz everyone knows generally i'm not the quiet one.......HAHAHA

4. Miss K arm all good and done... Lookin forward for her to blossom in the fall with soccer..Help expend that sassy mouth.Lord help her..Maybe it's her hitting that stage or age.. who knows.. but I do alot of counting and praying on her behalf..

5. Baseball is going on still...J is pickin up speed on hitting.. at the beginning you would prob. here my mouth expend...arm ....raise it up and out but now... ZIPPIDY ZIP.. and man he hits it out..

6. The school year ended..they had a 2 week break and.........yes i'm the mean momma ..they have entered the dreaded Summer School...Now there are pros and cons to this.. Pros...they get ready for the next year and don't lose so much learning that they have memory banked in....Cons would be the outrageous traffic congestion I encountered to pick them up...oh .. I finally after almost 10 sitting in the turning lane knew I wasn't moving anytime soon so I parked it and walked across the street...WELL...more like power walked..and I was tired out...ya I don't get much exercise.. Pros.. a few hours without hearing I'm bored...I'm hungry..What happened to the imagination and playing outside......HMMMM

7. My most exciting news..

Our church last sunday held a Friends Day Service.. We had almost 130 visitors...WOO HOO>. I was the amount of people walking in ..I felt so blessed and honored to be a part of this celebration.. There were a group of us that handed out 3000 flyers to homes and even were intitled to bless people at our walmart stores.. It was incredible that is one word..To know that they felt compelled to come for whatever reason..The seed has been planted and I know God is so Awesome and our pews will continue to fill up..

Being a part of this Outreach Team and walking and meeting people was and still is a beautiful thing.. Oh absolutely was I tired.. oh I could've crawled the next morning but I know it's all worth it..

Really not much new going on..

Let's see...Bits & Bites.

House is still crazy looking....Don't have no idea how it ends in a matter of destruction after it was clean just last night...

Ball got rained out last night in the 3rd inning.. drop..drop..sprinkle..sprinkle..down pour..and was cooled off from the upper 80 temps we'd had.. so yea my smaller two were getting panicky.

Picked up crocheting again....Boy how I wish I will speed through it quicker.. I'll have to post a pick of progress.. Maybe like a weekly one.. that'll motivate me to really move on it .. I wouldn't hear my husband repeatedly ask how is it going..Every other day...

Okay..It's time to put on your jump packs...I have babies fussing and making more messes..





P.S.. Thank you to those who have stuck around..I needed a blog break..after awhile it can ..lead one to needing a breather..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yea.. that is right..

Mrs. Stephanie is Back.........................

Muaaaaa... and I bet you thought I dropped off and flew far ...far... away!!

I could almost bet.. I've prob.. slowly lost each & every one of you 10 beautiful peeps.........Oh lordy bee...

Post is coming tonight...(wrapping my head to get all the bitsy bites rollin & out!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Doesn't Make Us Crumble.. Will Make Us Stronger**

I know... I know.. those aren't the exact correct words.. but you get where I'm heading ...

Making this short & sweet..

Mrs. Stephanie is finishing up with studying for finals..Lord Help Me..Survive..

I have my heart and mind with Aimee & Adam Freeman..Continue to take some time to lift up prayers for them..Kayleigh is so precious and eventhough I believe God's plan is supreme..I still have the questioning of why on these matters..We have to believe in our God's reasoning that it's his plan of timing.. NOT OURS!!

The love Aimee & Adam have for God and the strength with love wrapped around it is unmeasurable..

FYI... If you watch the show "The Doctors" you should sit, watch and DVR like me today because This Precious Family will be on there today!!

Hug the ones you love..(feel free to even get one to the ones you don't love so much).. It'll be worth it..

****Hello..Anyone see the latest Friends Followers... There are 10 of you.. Probably gobs more but are petrified to begin to follow..fear that I'm really a koo koo nut.. (I'm not ..I promise..Just the momma warden)

..I have love for my blog as it means so much to me.. I remember back when I thought or was told I was NUTS for having a blog.. but I am so thankful for each and everyone of you all that stop by...

I'm out.. Blessings to you!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Take Some Time

As I type this I can't help but cry...

Many of you know that Miss Kayleigh Freeman grew her wings and is in heaven now. Her mother Aimee writes that Kayleigh went on to be with Jesus last night..

I am literally speechless with the unability to murmur words but I will catch the tears streaming down my cheeks..

Oh my heart aches with pain, sadness, tears just flow because I can't even begin to imagine what it is like to lose a child. My deepest love and sincerity goes to the Freeman family..

Here is an excerpt of the beautiful words Aimee & Adam wrote on their post...

"Kayleigh, we know our life on earth is just a spec of time compared to the life we have in eternity with you and our Lord. We look forward to the day that we can pick you up and swing you around, dancing, singing and worshipping together. I am sure that your journey to Heaven was greeted with many open arms.

We are so very proud of you for everything you have done in such a short period of time. You've showed us what strength truly is, what determination truly is and what love truly is. There will not be a day that passes that we won't look at your photos and remember how awesome you felt in our arms. Your soft skin that brushes our lips and your tiny little hands that grip our fingers for comfort will always be missed.

We will never get to tuck you in your own bed at night and we will never get to pick you up when you fall. We will never get to hold your hand while you cross the street and I will never get to walk you down the aisle, but please know that your Mommy and I are so blessed that God gifted us with your love, even if it was only for a very short period of time. You will always be in our hearts and we can't wait until we meet again. We love you endlessly and we already miss you so very much! Goodbye Sweetheart...for now."

To each and everyone of you one another..and take a moment and pray for the Freeman family in this time..

Huge Hugs,


Friday, May 8, 2009

Really Has It Been... Take 2

I know... I know..

I've probably lost have of my lady blog hopefully I still have at least have left..Which i'm thankful for each one. Each one of them I find humour, tears, sadness, joy and love ...yes each of those eventhough this is mostly through online capabilities...

So yea it's been how many days...I'm thinking like about two weeks..HOLY MACARONI..Long time..

Alot has been going on..(Dare I let you into the craziness? Well if I did, you'd get bored and probably nod off at your desk or comfy seat..

Let's try to speel out a quick version of these last days:

Kat's arm is healing well... continue to wear brace just when leaving house..go back in a couple weeks(Note to self..find dr. card for appt.time) lol

The 28th of April had been a year my M.I.L passed away from pancreatic cancer. I miss her so incredibly much but I also know she wanted to go onto see jesus and she's not hurting so that's comforting to know.

We've ran here and there and to baseball..rained out soccer to rained to baseball..

Piddling around the house...(job never down.. do you feel like me and it could be all you ever do).. I know right.. CRAZY

Finishing down the line of final exams for college semester..Lord help me .. I am about burnt out this semester..Ready for our break..

Oh break.. yea my kids are out of school next friday..Oh jesus help us..BUT..wait..June 1 oh yea..summer school..we come..I know Mrs. Stephanie is a mean momma who does mean business when it comes to summer school..(they still have 2 months after that..they'll be fine)

Ope..Junior camp for week away with church..She is excited not so much..Did I mention AWAY for ONE week? Just checking

OH >>>OH>>>..How it slipped my mind..we were supposed to have storms last night..hmmm. Didn't..Praise God..

But as I was trying to mustar up enough energy to get moving this morning, I noticed outside was very dark..Not night time dark.. like oh my getting ready to have storms..sirens take cover...

Mind you ..every since 2003 my hubby and I were out on the highway driving back home and literally experienced a tornado nearly grazing our car. Oh yea..not a fan..

So, the more I listened to the radio this morning, I heard warning after warning..tornadoes spotted in again every direction around us. Hubby drives a truck and was heading NE where they were moving. It seemed to be the worse was after the initial storms.

Let me say here...this is on the list of scary as scary gets..

Being on the phone with someone when you hear sirens, hear the wind..(freight trains), giving you a play by play of how ENORMOUS this tornado is ..right beside..
I was praying and crying and praying more with feeling like my breathe was being compressed...A few of the scariest moments in my 30 years..

He finished working and made it home safely..Around lunch by looking outside, you never would've known we just had storms roll through by looking at the bright sunshine..but shocked with as much damage that has been documented..

So as I end my updated M.I.A new thing I love is fb also known as facebook. There is a Farm Town app which I

I'm a city girl but I love my farm and my planting of crops....

So if you happen to be on facebook ..come find me..and we'll farm together..

Huge Hugs & happy farming,


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey ...shouting out to each of you.. All 8....what .....eight.. holy moly..

I am still here... just going through some things..

I promise I'll be back to post...

Huge Hugs,


Saturday, April 25, 2009

!!Taking not one but three for the team!!

This is my lil k who makes mommy's patience disappear but oh I love her to pieces..She is trying to get better with her ears but I think some wind irritated them today..She had a bath, medincine and cartoonies..she went out like a light..

Original Post----------

Oh ya..It's saturday afternoon..I!! In hopes of surviving today with a second wind..and you peoples KNOW I love my energy drinks..I am quite partial..Without the lord..#1 for sure..for sure..and my can of sugar..I don't believe I wouldn't have survived so well to the end of semester..Oh did I say the end...YEA praise god..a few more weeks..Woo Hoo..Everyone in the vicinity do the happy dance..I can't wait...Okay see here is my new fav. thirst quencher.(my it has alot of sugar).

I knew when I hit the front door this afternoon that I felt I needed to head straight to the fridge. I felt like I was one of many running on the field today but I was really..Just watching the kiddos run eyes and brain are tired..

So we headed out the door....wait.......beep..backin up.. I didn't want to wake up this morning so needless to say mom didn't move until really the clock was screaming at me to hustle and bustle otherwise we were fixin to be in trouble. I scrammed to get everyone together in one piece and dressed and out the door at 8:30 a.m. I know to many that's late..and plenty of time but by saturday my kids are crabby patties so to have everyone with no limbs missing is pretty awesome!! Arriving at the field for pictures..gotta love that..many and many a childrens running amock..I kid you not..literally it was like kiddy land like no other. Pics game..and we're getting ready to have kick off. I had brought the babies some cereal in a ziplock bag and mind you smart mom here ..I didn't bring a container to set them in for lil k to eat out you will only guess what I laugh now because for real.. I probably looked like a nut..I used her lil tenny so promise she wasn't wearing it cuz that would've been too gross if I pulled it off and used it and I thought surely it's clean so there..I laid it all out and for J = one goal..Woo Hoo..Awesome is that!! From last weekend ...Exhibit A..
to this weekend (sorry no pic..but let me say I was one proud momma).

So one game's 10:30 a.m. and they are STARVING!! I guess I should feed them I we scrambled to McD's.. $1 sandwhiches all that took FOREVER in a you know when you order a large quantity of sandwhiches they look at you like you done lost your ooples..Like really they think i'm gonna eat them all..

And so now we've got oh 20 min. and someone left there attire at home..FANTASTIC is that..yea so running..running.. to go by the house and search..and search..make me a sandwhich..stuff it in my face..grab a soda..(Cherry Coke) and swoosh back to the field for game #2. Big J (my husband) was meeting us there to see J play since he works odd hours this was his only opp. to catch a game..Usually when dad comes around..j tries to go above and beyond acting all cool and flops..

j+2 more goals= super awesome..
One was made from half way on field and he kicked off and it flew right into the goal!!

Wheew..After soccer..I was pooped, babies were pooped..we didn't stay around baseball..we went home and in the process..babies went out to nappy land..

Yea I'm fixin to help Big J make chicken cordon bleu..

WooHoo..Praise God..I am thankful..

Huge Hugs,


Friday, April 24, 2009

Who wants to dance?

I know..You're thinking I've done lost my ooples..contrary to popular belief, I believe my sanity is in check..

You are probably grasping the idea that I love music.. and I seen on my instant messenger there's a launch radio..Hello..Is that awesome or what..I hit and all the old music comes flooding back..Oh I was singing as If I was the only one in the living room here except I wasn't. Nothing like your kids looking at you like you are way to old to be moving and grooving. Another thing, is I love to jam in the car, I'm in the car alot so why not right? When the hustle & bustle is moving nobody can tell but at the intersection people look at you like you're nuts..Promise ..Not nuts here.. :)

So since yesterday's post was extremely long and I bet it gave you the feeling that it was never going to end I'll do my best to end this short and sweet.

Really it's alot about nothing today...

Let's see..lil k,lil j and I went upstairs this morning but ......I had boo koo's of laundry to put away.. Laundry is DEFINITELY not one of my things I get excited about!! So i'm puting away my laundry and sorting it to the remaining rooms.. and I'm like lil J "why don't you got get your dirty laundry and throw it down..the stairs.. I said here even is a he goes marching in there and scooping up laundry..singing his clean up song...Clean up...clean up...everybody clean up....
Uh k he says.. you help bubba clean up?...................No!! lil k I was myself..

So that was the highlight of my day..It's all of 85 today......Wheew..Hot..big girls me don't like HOT!!..

So..everyone least I hope so..Soccer Saturday is tomorrow!! We have soccer pics at 8:40 a.m. a game at 9:40 again at 11:40 and .......drumroll at 12:30 p.m. Oh heavens to betsy...Please lord..give us strength..

Huge Hugs,


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Really Has It Been... And a REALLY long post

Really has it been...that long since I posted?

Doesn't seem like it's been 2 days..The wierd feeling I was having was to pause this whole blogging thing..I'm like really ..I like to blog for not only myself but for others, that they might recieve some insight and know they aren't the only crazy,hormonal,wife,or mother whose hair might be changing colors WAY before their ready..

Yea.. I know..Just in the last week or so, I have had grey hairs come up like nothing..For when I seen one or two I was alright but now that they kind of are on top and dance..NOTICEABLY..I can't help but feel a bit saddened..If any of you(which is only a few)have seen me in person, my hair isn't short by any means... it's down to below my hiney, to put it imagine ALOT of grey hairs later down the road.. Heavens.. I hope WAY down the road.

Really has it been...

that long since I had an energy drink?

Oh since yesterday, lol. In the afternoon.. I am quite partial to my Full Throttle's honestly..They are my anytime of the day coffee. My husband works for a soda company(which shall remain nameless) and we get them through there.

Really has it been..

that long since I posted about K's ortho appt. anxiety..and then I don't relay the results.. how nice is that of a blogger huh? Her appt. went alright.. her nurse (remaining nameless as well) cause YOU never know WHO might read YOUR blog. She's a mess..One of those thoughts like.. there are some interesting nurses out there..Surely if she can be a nurse then I should be okay. Anyhow, previous to Dr. Back to the Future coming..(If anyone has seen the movie you'll know exactly what I mean), the nurse looked at her arm as did I and it did look better than when I innitially called her last thursday. The other day when I looked at it,It literally looked like she was in a fun house mirror...but you know I just prayed about it..So we had x-rays and they looked awesome.. Barely could you see the break area..Wheeww..And she still continues to wear her splint for the next week and then only when she leaves home.Also no.. softball...HMMM...For the most part it's healing well but will it completely be good in 6 months.

Then ...after I took K to school .. we went on to take lil k to the dr. It all started on Sunday.. and progressed into something with a fever..and quite the crankiness. I took a guess and went with left ear and yep..not one but two.. Yea Yea Yea. Her antibiotic didn't agree with her so she received a new one today..PRAISE GOD..Cause she has been quite the pill..Really..Like pushin my patients button pill.

I just remember this...At the end line so I thought I should put this in. So I'll make it quick..lil k & lil j were being naughty downstairs as I was transporting laundry and so I hollered and told them to start up the stairs and let mom get the clothes and you two can take a bath. So no longer did I grab the laundry and start up the stairs I hear ..splash..splash..anyone guess where they were?..In the bathroom..Playing in what you ask? The TOILET..Yes I know the TOILET..Talk about gross, nasty, ick, really double ick. Then they decide to tell me as lil j is hollering, binky..ok where is it? I kid you not, they both pointed to the toilet. Oh man..this surely can't be possible..Oh yes but it is..So we make peace, dip and scrub and dip and scrub in the tub..On to getting dressed so the two little naughty ninkumpoopies went jumping and playing around and stepped on my curtain in my room..It was brighter in there than ever before..Like a strobe light hit..They done popped the curtain of the wall..Oh I tell you what..It was a good thing it was nap cause they were headed down a road of time outs.

Let's see here, last night was church service..Need I say more.. as it was awesome..God was moving and shaking some hearts up. He's gonna do good things I know..I really need to read "Fireproof" as soon as semester is over. I need to get a list wrote of things I want to accomplish this would be to start knitting again.. I miss it soooooo much..There just isn't enough time in the day or I'd do it now but if I took even thirty minutes every night I'd be cooking farther along than I am is Thursday's can be crazy and not sure why..just seems fitzy in the mornings. I just prayed about it and gave it to god that he will give me and others going through these situations and more difficult ones strength.

We had soccer practice tonight..and it finally cooled girl)+ hot temps.= Gross feeling and it's been hot here for April.

Oh I almost forgot..HELLO..what was I thinking or was I ..following Mckmama's blog A.K.A Stellan's mom..she twitters like do gobs of others..and I love to talk and talk but as I hold stuff in to put on my blog post I forget something funny or just plain crazy so I thought what better way but to tweet..I know sometimes I do have good glance over to your right.. yea right up top and read along if you wish..

Continuing for Stellan and Kayleigh..Both still very sick.. Sending prayers and love..

Really has it been...

3 hours since I first started this post but I had to take mini breaks in between..

Huge Hugs,


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Praying ... for kayleigh... Praying for Stellan

Little Miss Kayleigh recently had surgery and is recovering..unfortunately she isn't recovering like everyone hoped. In fact, her cerebral cortex isn't working and the physicians believe she actually might be brain dead...

But our god has a plan.. a plan of grace, strength and mercy. Please won't you pray for baby kayleigh at this time. Her parents really need some love and strength. This beautiful little girl was born only weighing just a hair over 1 pound. She has defied the odds more than not and she's so precious. People all over the world have followed Aimee's blog, whether by accident or purpose, AND their life will give you hope, strength, love, grace and feel so loved by our wonderful god.

Please go by and see updates on kayleigh's blog.

Also praying for Baby Stellan... He's in Boston and he had surgery this morning..He is recovering..Again ... Many people LITERALLY around the world praying for him today and every day. He is another precious child of god's. His mother MckMama will bless you with her strength, faith and love for her god, the physicians, and her family.

His blog is on the right..

Sending Huge Hugs,


Oh it's early...

Good Morning...

I really didn't have a post title pop in my head...This one just kinda we'll go with it..

Here's a few off the top of my head...

* Oh it's early ..... to be eating cereal right now.frosted strawberry cereal.

* Oh it's early...way to early to be hearing the washer going..but figure if i'm up I mise well be getting something accomplished..

*Oh it's early .. to be thinking about how the day is going to pan out..(for's not my's gods timing)

*Oh it's early be having unfolded laundry staring at me from the couch (if I even had eyes in the back of my head..they be having a staring contest together)

*Oh it's be posting..really does anyone still stop by here anyhow..?..Who knows..

For waking up at 2:45 a.m. this morning with my hubby to accompany him while getting ready for work...I fell back asleep on the couch..Does that like totally defeat the purpose..Probably.. Well at least I'm there just ..dreaming on the couch..

For some reason I have been more tired you get older the hardest it becomes for us to stay up later..Odd.. as in I'm really not old..Maybe it's a hormonal thing..Maybe it's the fact that I can look into the mirror and see my hair has grown so quickly that it's below my hiney.. but up top in the front..I am meeting some new grey "friends". Ridiculous I say....Also I can't have caffeine like I used to.. Drinking it at becoming a NO NO...A jittery NO NO..

I am just rattling on and no I know..

Let's see here.. I last posted back on friday..

What's happened since then..

Saturday..we had Soccer..J didn't feel so in turn he didn't move so hot..Later on that day.. we had Baseball..that went well...we have alot of eager kids ready to play ball...and then there's a few..who are absolutely gonna drive you batty because they don't listen..and the parent just stuck them in sports to have some peace and quiet..Yea it's true..I've heard it..

Sunday was Church. Awesome day..

In the midst of these last few days..K had gotten better with her cold..J had worn himself out..and he had what started as cold symptoms and moved to vomiting..I know it's lovely.. Fevers up and down..whining.. oh the whining..and there's nothing you can really do but pray that they receive some rest. Next in line is lil k who started in Sunday night service.. sneezing, bugers flying..I'm thinking oh.. we a fever stamped on it..

Yesterday..The two big kids made it to school..lil K went from yucky feeling and she slept majority of yesterday..we went to ball.. and she was not very happy..And come bedtime............She didn't want to lay still to fall asleep..She was like a magic jumping bean..Up and down..Here and there..Finally with her fussyness and fever she fell asleep ...*praise god*

It is 5:15 a.m... oh holy goodness..I can hear faintly the couch hollering at me..I'm gonna go rest some eyes..

K has a ortho appt..please pray for peace and wisdom..I had a conversation with the dr. nurse the other day.. I'll post later that tid bit.. so we're off to town VERY early..and so I'm off here..

Huge Hugs,


Friday, April 17, 2009

TGIF...For Real It's Really Friday?

Oh boy...Are you sure it's friday ..hmmm..By a few minutes after.. indeed it's friday..I am pooped with sincere this has seem to be a long, never ending week. I know for sure I will be doing a happy dance like no other here in about 3 weeks when spring semester for college is over. I am totally ready to kick these late nights to the curb. I can't wait to go to sleep at 9 p.m. instead of midnight and then awaking not too long after for school work again. Oh well, really what can you do? It is true that one day it'll all be worth it. To be a nurse, helping to save lives, bring lives into this world... HELLO.. if that ain't awesome.. then i'm not sure is...If college was easy, everyone would do it.. including my hubby but some can't handle the crazyness as it's not for the weak..

So I know.. I totally blew thursday's post right out the windy, window..Yesterday morning which really feels like this morning. because I still think it's thursday but really it's friday.. see I almost typed saturday.. oh man should I go to bed.

So, we get up this morning to learn my car was having issues so I got into town late for my daily run (not run with my leggies) my

Then lil K and lil J decided they didn't want to sit by each other this morning.. unlike the fact they had been doing it o..since lil ky was born almost 19 months ago..They were like dinosaurs in a cage match. Clawing and pinching, holding the others car seat just to make the other mad. Honestly, it was a bit much to intake at 10 a.m. so we couldn't get back home quick enough or they'd been separated that was for sure..

The rest of the day .. was much about nothing.. You know fun stuff ladies do .. kitchen, laundry, pick up toys, feed, nap for kiddos, soda, pee, laundry, vacuum, soda, pee.. The cycle doesn't end from 8 a.m. until 8 a.m.

Oh I have checked off a to do ee on my list back from spring remember I had made a comment about the hall closet.. something will fall out and bite ya.. Well fear no more.. All clean..Also, may have mentioned under my bed.. King size bed no less. . Oh ladies there was some dust that could've made you slip and fall.. It was insane..It was like christmas all over again, as tiny toys were shoved under there many moons ago and actually found.Another checkie off the list, my car.. Woo Hoo.. Not wanting to toot my own horn here.. well yea really I am.. That I progressed and actually got stuff done..

You know you're tired when you close your eyes momentarily while typing a post...

Please remember these babies I mentioned on wednesday.. Kayleigh is recovering.. she needs prayers..

Baby Stellan was flown to Boston today.. and doing well..

PRAISE GOD!! He is so awesome with HIS plan!!

Huge Hugs,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pitter Pat Wednesday


I had wrote at the end of my post this morning about a few children..
Baby Stellan in which his badge is over on the very sick.. with his tiny, precious heart..His mom was under the impression that they would be monitored but going home...It turns out they are actually flying to Boston..for an procedure..Prayers are so needed for this family...

*****************ORIGINAL POST**************
Goooooooooooood Morning the House.....

It's hump day...and whee www.. I feel it..

This will be beautiful, short and sweet as I'm feeling this minute (really tired so I better type fast before I type something while my eyes get droopy and I end up typing something goofy) oh yea.. it's happened..I'd go back and read it.. and swear I fell asleep, and dreamt it for a short second...Crazy Stuff ...

So few know that I am a full time college student...and few know..I chose to take this semester from home..Insane I know...One of those what was I thinking moments...

Due to these circumstances, I am tired...and honestly becoming hormonal crazy lady in her 30's. While I'm plugging along I have my partner in crime...

Exhibit A

I know, these are few of her better pics...She seems to be how glue is to wood..Stuck..better yet.. a zipper.. I'm one side and she's the other...

Exhibit B

And all funniness aside...Our moment of truth........
Exhibit C

Kids...They are precious..Even though they are related to my sprouting grey mm...

I wanted to make note of a few of the children that have touched my heart and need huge prayers especially for this week...

Baby Bentley..awaiting heart surgery Bentley badge

Baby Jonah...They are back in the hospital..on right side Williams blog

Baby Stellan... they are in 4 weeks of in the hospital...his badge is on right..

Cute children Gavin & Chelsea... Gavin is awaiting procedures this week.. mother requests prayer for she is struggling with mom being gone..Praying for them.. They are on the blog list.. Masto Chronicles..

Baby Kayleigh... Awaiting surgery this week....On list too...

Each of these mom's and dad's need strength, love, continuously..I can't begin to imagine..How their faith is tested..and they stride with god's word..So awesome..

Praying for April Rose.. her badge is attached on right..She is pregnant with a precious child..and her dr.s aren't giving the mother much hope to go on.. But her strength, faith is quite amazing..Click her badge for her story and send her a few words of faith...

And ladies..These women are waiting ...waiting for the precious timing of carrying a child..I think of them all too often..and really hope there desired is full filled.

Heather with her blog.. A mom, child and a pug.. She is currently on chemo for reoccurring cancer. She has two small children.. Oh I pray for her constantly and for these precious children..

There really is a significant amount of individuals going through trials & times but amazing they continue to strive with the ultimate peace from our Jesus...Breath taking I know..

Sending Huge Hugs & requesting them to be forwarded on to others,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling all ..........patience....

Yea...Good Morning.. to each of you......(you know who you are)lol.. Happy Tuesday..

I added new tunes...I hope you enjoy..and my widget to the right...I HOPE YOU DANCE!!That is one thing that gets me going is music & moving!!

You know I have been posting in the know cause life is so hustle and bustle ..but then by that time people have snuggled into there jammies so.. they might not get to cackle at MY CRAZY LIFE!!

So, I'm gonna mix it up a bit and post this morning..WHY you ask .. because eventhough my clocks LITERALLY says 10:44 a.m. really it feels like WAY later in the day...Oh WHY you ask...???Cause 3 out of 4 kiddos decided that 5:30 a.m. was a FANTASTIC time to rise in shine..BUT there wasn't a ounce of

Lil K & Lil J are feeling their oat boats to the highest extent...I am beginning to think that whoever came up with the thought of "Terrible 2's" didn't realize what was ahead at 3's. Wheew... So therefore I courageously titled this post..Calling all ..patience...I am praying and asking for god to really help with me with patience, and to be calm even when my kiddos are acting crazy,being loud, fighting,wrestling, throwing food at each other...Patience..Patience..

Really it's not horrible, I just ask for strength to a funner mom & not seem like a HELGA all the times..(yea my oldest says that)lol..or the "Warden"

I love my children...I am also willing to bet.. that I'm not the only mom whose patience seem to decrease with age..(along with memory)..

So..if any other crazyness.. comes into this day..believe you me.. I will touch base..

Huge Hugs,