Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blessed Be Your Name

Yes it's Sunday morning........the wee itty bitty hours..and I really have nothing to say..that is exciting anyhow..

I took a few pics of our yea take a peek if you wish..and I'm off to get some little zzz's..cause today's is SUNDAY..and in a few hours i'm going to PRAISE THE his house!! The lord is soo refreshing to me and I truely can't thank him for everything he's done..

Love & Yea today is it ...last day until my girl is off to camp!! Tonight, she says "Mom, I am gonna miss you this week".. Aww..whether or not she can test my sanity and patience like she did just this morning, it still makes you jello inside to hear those few words!!

Next time I'll be posting with off to camp pics!! Cmon Kleenex's.HA




PaisleyJade said...

Cute pics! My boy has just arrived home from camp... only two days but he loved it and I loved the peace and quiet!!

jill said...

love the pictures!!! especially the sleepy ones ... so cute! said...

I love how the little ones hold their ears! Sweet.

Looks like everyone had FUN!

Good luck with that send-off :)