Monday, July 6, 2009

Missin My Girl..........

I miss my girl.........

I wrote on facebook.....I miss my Girl.....One wrote grab a book(which i'll admit isn't one of my most favorite things to do, it has to be very real and catch me at a HELLO!!)

Next. Sewing..Uh..the thought gives my blood pressure some raising..HA..Sounds like ALOT of fun though..

My 10 year that thinks she is tooo BIG for her skirt...

She called this afternoon ..which was about 2 p.m. ..

I heard her voice say Hi Mom..and yea I'll say it ..I teared up..

I was strong this morning..I just teared a minute or two........I was driving her to church and looked in my rear view mirror and she smiled so beautifully...

Time has went slow today..

I need to really find something to keep my brain busy...

Or I'll be wondering if she's:
Minding in Service





Consuming Food of any Goodness

Checkin out Boys

Minding her manners..lord knows she tends to slip at home..

Hopes to all goodness she thinks before she speaks..

O well..Nothing I can do about any of this but pray, pray and more prayer that she comes home blessed with a fresh spirit(and not as much attitude).

Love & The evening is Drawing Near..




Momma B said...

I can completely relate! My son has been gone since the afternoon of the 4th! I miss him terribly!

jill said...

the shopaholic books are lots of fun to read!!! they're just a little bit trashy and seriously funny. you'd love them!!!

polly's path said...

Mine left yesterday morning too, and called me to say "HI" at 11 pm our time last night. Can we say "jump out of bed like your house is on fire?"-I must teach her some phone manners.

Just think of the great childhood memories and fun times you are giving her by letting her go to camp. And think of how clean your house will be after all these days of nervous scrubbing as you wait for her return.

Seds said...

I got a book you can'll love it..:)