Sunday, July 19, 2009

~~And Then Their Were Two~~


I made the note in my last post I was going to make this next post better......

In the last 24 hours, I have had 2 women come to me for listening ears.. I am by no means a therapist, a genius, a know-it-all..but there is a few things I have come to realize..

For different reasons they came to me..and I believe without a doubt it was God's work. Back at the beginning when I first started this crazy blog thought..I thought who really is going to read my nonsense, crazy life anyhow..


12 people later.. a few that stop by also.. I must say something to brighten their day..

Tonight, something spoke to me as I was looking at my bible sitting here on my desk..and I heard this thought (and no I've not lost my ooples) start another blog..


Another one..

I'm doing well honestly to keep on top of one let alone TWO..

Eventually this post will get underneath the others BUT.. over on the right side is a block....

It reads Prayer Requests and a link .. to my othe blog.. titled

..Matters to you matters to him..

So please if you would like to leave a request for whatever it might be..please do so..

No request is minimal..No request is silly..Each and everyone ..that matters to YOU matters to HIM.




PaisleyJade said...

What a great idea (or should I say 'God' idea!)... popping over there now to visit. said...

You are just the neatest.

I have found comfort in your prayers.

Thanks for starting this. You are a true prayer warrior.