Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hmm..This & That...

Honestly ....

I think today has dragged on forever enough~~

Let's roll backwards.............

K..my babygirl..yes who will be 11 soon ..HA..woke me up and let me say..her voice can carry~~~... At 7 a.m. wheew ..She's all HI MOM!! What a HELLO!! BUT I was soo glad to hear her voice so all was well.. She was off to a day of breakfast..swimming..paddle boating...awww..How cute..that would've been to see..more eating..(and she is EATING..awesome ..one worry down..HA..more swimming..and service which she really enjoys(the best part)I enjoyed listening too..

Oh and back to the swimming and water....
Okay so this right here....

Honestly has been the talk of the house since we started discussing camp really....

Seeing pictures of children ~~FLYING~~through the air..Oh makes my stomach raise into my throat..

All I can picture is someone jumping on the blob and K going so high..


This morning when she shouted HELLO...lol..She said Mom, We're off to play in the river and go check out the BLOB..oh talk about praying..praying..


So..this is how our conversation went this afternoon:

K~ Hi Mom, How are you? What are you doing? I hear Ky aka lil k screaming..

Mom~ Hi Honey, I'm fine ,How are you ..good ..fantastic..me too .. yea ky is mad..Her and lil J are not getting along the least bit. today..

Mom again~ You eat today?

K~ Yea for breakfast I had Eggs, Sausage, Toast, ..Sheew she ate like a queen..HA.. and for lunch Corndogs..

And Mom the best part..I went on the BLOB..oh jesus I thought..lord do I want to hear what's coming out of her mouth next?

K~ The first time she said..I just popped of a little ..didn't get very high.....


Someone bounced onto it ..and mom no kidding I flew like 7 feet in the air....


Now tell me I was so hoping her 7 ft. and my exact 7 ft. were so unaccurate..

I'm like you so better be careful..and Kat..really you might want to keep the 7ft. distance on the down low from your father..He will prob. have a anxiety attack..

K~~Oh and I road the paddleboat today..It was so fun..We went out and out..oh heavens to betsy ..I kept thinking..

I kept praying lord keep my baby safe..let her have a best time but keep her safe~~

So loved my call from my girl..

Not loving how lil k & lil j woke up with the intent this morning to drive their mother bonkers....

Let's see ..I finished paperwork for fall semester..just awaiting date for pickin my good ole books!!

I do want to say that I am so thankful, blessed to be the recipient of a blessing I recieved last week!!

Let's see here....As long as I've been in college ..which honestly is not as long as it feels its been.. I have broke my classes in between on campus and online..well..of course since I have a hubby, and two children who love the computer and tinker on it..finding time to do my own school work without loosing a substantial amount of sleep is far and few between..

So..mom has NEEDED/wanted a laptop..Would make life a bit easier..

and...some have heard of Freecycle..some say it can be awesome at times..

I thought well all else fails I can get one in Oct. when my student loans come in but in the mean time..let's just really pray for this ..and put a note out their looking for one.. I did post and ta da..response the next day!!

This person said he had one ready, just sitting here..and his words were it can be yours!! Say What..Do What..? Yes, yours .. I fix these and give away!!

I know.. some are thinking.. if it sounds to good to be true..probably is..NOT IN THIS CASE..

After running a few errands..I sped home in my soccer mom van..steamed full ahead to my desk here.. and plugged her in(my pc)and oh she is B-e-a-t-i-f-u-l!! I was dancing with the laptop..really I was hugging it and crying because I was so thankful, I mean so grateful for ones kindness to do something for others that they by no means had to do..

So...now i'm waiting to get a router for it**wheew**some are expensive..but I can't wait to use it..No more having to worry about my school stuff dissapearing with a poke of ones finger!!

So in that thought.. With all the odds and ends items around here that are getting dusty I'm posting them on freecycle for others to use..

And so I'm thinking...I encourage each and everyone to do a random act of kindness..no you don't have to go way above and beyond..a little goes a LONG ways!!

Last thought..my last post..had something to do with reading...and I was told ..books are on the way!! So shopaholic reading here I go!! In some ways not a shopaholic..others yes..I guess for corny things like fabric and yarn..eventhough I have yet to sew a stitch or continue ones blanket I started..it is like it calls you near..HA.. So..Mrs. Jill ..I'll be watching out the glass door!! HA..

I need to be shopping for a new purse..that is for sure ..soon real soon!!

So..K called awhile ago to say Goodnight..To hear her excitement and how much fun she's having is all worth the quiet here!! I think she just likes the use of that phone..hopefully she'll remember when she returns mommas taking it back..HA..lol

Hugs & thanks for stickin it out through this long post!!



Momma B said...

Very nice with the Free Cycling! I love to share things! We don't have much and don't need much, but if someone needs an item we have and do not use, by all means! My house is too small, but more than that, I like to give. I sometimes wish there was more to give! And, I completely understand being overtaken by joy among other emotions when the kindness is bestowed upon you and your family as well! It feels great to know that there are still people who do things simply out of the goodness that is within them!

As for the BLOB? UGH! That makes me heart sink!!!

jill said...

umm, about the blob. i would have passed out at hearing sophie b flew 7 feet into the air. yikes! mailing the books tomorrow morning when i run the other 3903 errands. ha! yayayayy for the laptop!!! that's incredible!