Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes I'm here!!

I'm here..

I've been around...

Toodling around blogland and i've been reading your blogs, replying for the most part..but not mustering up enough energy to post something of my own.

It's not that I couldn't find something to talk about because My Crazy Life seems to always take left and right turns ...just not sitting down to post..because i'm sure i'd ramble like I am now..


Just wanted to send a shout out and I'll post another post sooner rather than later..with all kinds of juicy info..(Who am I kidding I live in Missouri..nothing exciting happens here but the weather change we face)

Hugs & I'll be back :)



Momma B said...

I seem to be feeling the same way a lot lately! I love to blog, but I just can't get it together, or don't have the time to sit, or don't know what I would say! With any number of those things going through my head all at the same time, there is not much coming out of my fingers!

Glad you are still here though!

wife.mom.nurse said...

aw, darn, I want some juicy info...