Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ding....Ding.Ding....I've found another GIVEAWAY!!

I know .. I know.. my kitchen is screaming.. my vacuum is taping my foot.. BUT.........

Mrs. Stephanie found another giveaway & about fell outta my seat .....why you ask.....it has to do with YARN..


Momma B @ http://sjeza5.blogspot.com/ is having a GIVEAWAY.. It is a BEAUTIFUL brown/ blue clutch purse...


She has started with opening an Etsy Store and letting all us beautiful people about it.

So.. scoot on over and go peek at the giveaway!!

I almost forgot .........Tell Momma B I sent ya and double the treat!!



Momma B said...

Thanks Steph!

wife.mom.nurse said...

lol, that is so cute, she wants to be just like her brother!

I definitely would appreciate a prayer for answers/solutions to my allergy problems.

Thanks friend.