Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Play

No .. we don't have to run to New York to watch a Show..

Right in lovely Missouri could you see a beautiful reinactment..

No.. I won't be wearing my ball gown or glass slippers..

I have my mop on my left and my gloves on the right...

I will now toodle off to my duties as the women who cleans in Cinderella..

LOL...Yea Am I the lucky one this morning...

Hugs & to a more filling post later!!



Momma B said...

I adore Cinderella! You are lucky because you have that talent!!! I am afraid I would never have what it takes to act anything out, although my husband thinks I am rather gifted in the drama dept!


LOL... your so crazy girl!! I will be your step sister...who told you that you could take a break and get on this computer??? GET BACK TO WORK!!!! :) LOL

Mimi said...

You are so funny!!! But it's true! As a wife and mother, we have our duties!! LOL Now get to cleaning Cinderelly!!!


jill said...

i say we all band together and make the guys clean for a while. it's totally their turn.