Friday, May 8, 2009

Really Has It Been... Take 2

I know... I know..

I've probably lost have of my lady blog hopefully I still have at least have left..Which i'm thankful for each one. Each one of them I find humour, tears, sadness, joy and love ...yes each of those eventhough this is mostly through online capabilities...

So yea it's been how many days...I'm thinking like about two weeks..HOLY MACARONI..Long time..

Alot has been going on..(Dare I let you into the craziness? Well if I did, you'd get bored and probably nod off at your desk or comfy seat..

Let's try to speel out a quick version of these last days:

Kat's arm is healing well... continue to wear brace just when leaving house..go back in a couple weeks(Note to self..find dr. card for appt.time) lol

The 28th of April had been a year my M.I.L passed away from pancreatic cancer. I miss her so incredibly much but I also know she wanted to go onto see jesus and she's not hurting so that's comforting to know.

We've ran here and there and to baseball..rained out soccer to rained to baseball..

Piddling around the house...(job never down.. do you feel like me and it could be all you ever do).. I know right.. CRAZY

Finishing down the line of final exams for college semester..Lord help me .. I am about burnt out this semester..Ready for our break..

Oh break.. yea my kids are out of school next friday..Oh jesus help us..BUT..wait..June 1 oh yea..summer school..we come..I know Mrs. Stephanie is a mean momma who does mean business when it comes to summer school..(they still have 2 months after that..they'll be fine)

Ope..Junior camp for week away with church..She is excited not so much..Did I mention AWAY for ONE week? Just checking

OH >>>OH>>>..How it slipped my mind..we were supposed to have storms last night..hmmm. Didn't..Praise God..

But as I was trying to mustar up enough energy to get moving this morning, I noticed outside was very dark..Not night time dark.. like oh my getting ready to have storms..sirens take cover...

Mind you ..every since 2003 my hubby and I were out on the highway driving back home and literally experienced a tornado nearly grazing our car. Oh yea..not a fan..

So, the more I listened to the radio this morning, I heard warning after warning..tornadoes spotted in again every direction around us. Hubby drives a truck and was heading NE where they were moving. It seemed to be the worse was after the initial storms.

Let me say here...this is on the list of scary as scary gets..

Being on the phone with someone when you hear sirens, hear the wind..(freight trains), giving you a play by play of how ENORMOUS this tornado is ..right beside..
I was praying and crying and praying more with feeling like my breathe was being compressed...A few of the scariest moments in my 30 years..

He finished working and made it home safely..Around lunch by looking outside, you never would've known we just had storms roll through by looking at the bright sunshine..but shocked with as much damage that has been documented..

So as I end my updated M.I.A new thing I love is fb also known as facebook. There is a Farm Town app which I

I'm a city girl but I love my farm and my planting of crops....

So if you happen to be on facebook ..come find me..and we'll farm together..

Huge Hugs & happy farming,



Mimi said...

Wow! A lot has happened!! I used to have nightmares of tornados. No thank you! We have a few here and there touch down but nothing around my home. Thank the Lord! I am so glad you guys are alright!


jill said...

busy girl!!! wow! storms scare the fire out of me too!!!!! glad you guys are okay. hope you're making plans to celebrate yourself tomorrow! happy mother's day!!!!!