Thursday, December 3, 2009

Have you caught on yet??

Hi my name is Stephanie and I'm a emotional rollercoaster blogger!!

It's sunny outside but really I'd like to cover up with a blanket and mold into the couch!!

I hope your Thursday is a good one!!




Momma B said...

I have been wondering when you would come back out and play! ha! I know the feeling of wanting to just curl up, but I have a craft show with my sister this weekend and we just had a pretty good little sale last weekend, so I am trying to make up a few new hats, so no rest for me, unless skipping out on my housework counts!? Have a great day!

Rebekah said...

Love your new Christmas background. Im trying to stay out from under the covers myself at times. Gotta make myself move, set some goals for myself and not get caught in the dumper of depression