Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh it's early...

Good Morning...

I really didn't have a post title pop in my head...This one just kinda stuck...so we'll go with it..

Here's a few off the top of my head...

* Oh it's early ..... to be eating cereal right now.frosted strawberry cereal.

* Oh it's early...way to early to be hearing the washer going..but figure if i'm up I mise well be getting something accomplished..

*Oh it's early .. to be thinking about how the day is going to pan out..(for real..it's not my planning..it's gods timing)

*Oh it's early ..to be having unfolded laundry staring at me from the couch (if I even had eyes in the back of my head..they be having a staring contest together)

*Oh it's early..to be posting..really does anyone still stop by here anyhow..?..Who knows..

For waking up at 2:45 a.m. this morning with my hubby to accompany him while getting ready for work...I fell back asleep on the couch..Does that like totally defeat the purpose..Probably.. Well at least I'm there just ..dreaming on the couch..

For some reason I have been more tired ..as you get older the hardest it becomes for us to stay up later..Odd.. as in I'm really not old..Maybe it's a hormonal thing..Maybe it's the fact that I can look into the mirror and see my hair has grown so quickly that it's below my hiney.. but up top in the front..I am meeting some new grey "friends". Ridiculous I say....Also I can't have caffeine like I used to.. Drinking it at night..is becoming a NO NO...A jittery NO NO..

I am just rattling on and no I know..

Let's see here.. I last posted back on friday..

What's happened since then..

Saturday..we had Soccer..J didn't feel so hot..so in turn he didn't move so hot..Later on that day.. we had Baseball..that went well...we have alot of eager kids ready to play ball...and then there's a few..who are absolutely gonna drive you batty because they don't listen..and the parent just stuck them in sports to have some peace and quiet..Yea it's true..I've heard it..

Sunday was Church. Awesome day..

In the midst of these last few days..K had gotten better with her cold..J had worn himself out..and he had what started as cold symptoms and moved to vomiting..I know it's lovely.. Fevers up and down..whining.. oh the whining..and there's nothing you can really do but pray that they receive some rest. Next in line is lil k who started in Sunday night service.. sneezing, bugers flying..I'm thinking oh.. next...here we go..lol..Yep a fever stamped on it..

Yesterday..The two big kids made it to school..lil K went from yucky feeling and she slept majority of yesterday..we went to ball.. and she was not very happy..And come bedtime............She didn't want to lay still to fall asleep..She was like a magic jumping bean..Up and down..Here and there..Finally with her fussyness and fever she fell asleep ...*praise god*

It is 5:15 a.m... oh holy goodness..I can hear faintly the couch hollering at me..I'm gonna go rest some eyes..

K has a ortho appt..please pray for peace and wisdom..I had a conversation with the dr. nurse the other day.. I'll post later that tid bit.. so we're off to town VERY early..and so I'm off here..

Huge Hugs,



Mimi said...

You need to go to sleep sister!!! I hate when I don't get enough sleep. LOL

I will be praying for K!



Your a mess, well needless to say I did not sleep well last night myself.. WONDER WHY???? lol... I hate it when you just lay there and your mind wonders 90 to nothing and you are really wanting to sleep so bad... Well today is a new day! Didn't want to get up... I only have 1 today.. Bailey, she is 1 and she has a running nose like crazy today.... this should be wonderfuL!!! I'll be praying for ya'll! Love ya!

jill said...

goodness gracious! i didn't know anybody slept less than i did, but i think you win the prize. :) i have unfolded laundry on my couch too! i just move it to the floor though when i'm on the couch and then back to the couch when i get up. pathetic and lazy, yes...but i HATE to fold laundry!! hah! hope your day is a good one!

Rebekah said...

Im with you on the lack of sleep thing and I dont have little ones at home. I just cant seem to settle down to sleep till 1am and morning comes too early from that bedtime.Hope you get some rest.