Friday, April 17, 2009

TGIF...For Real It's Really Friday?

Oh boy...Are you sure it's friday ..hmmm..By a few minutes after.. indeed it's friday..I am pooped with sincere this has seem to be a long, never ending week. I know for sure I will be doing a happy dance like no other here in about 3 weeks when spring semester for college is over. I am totally ready to kick these late nights to the curb. I can't wait to go to sleep at 9 p.m. instead of midnight and then awaking not too long after for school work again. Oh well, really what can you do? It is true that one day it'll all be worth it. To be a nurse, helping to save lives, bring lives into this world... HELLO.. if that ain't awesome.. then i'm not sure is...If college was easy, everyone would do it.. including my hubby but some can't handle the crazyness as it's not for the weak..

So I know.. I totally blew thursday's post right out the windy, window..Yesterday morning which really feels like this morning. because I still think it's thursday but really it's friday.. see I almost typed saturday.. oh man should I go to bed.

So, we get up this morning to learn my car was having issues so I got into town late for my daily run (not run with my leggies) my

Then lil K and lil J decided they didn't want to sit by each other this morning.. unlike the fact they had been doing it o..since lil ky was born almost 19 months ago..They were like dinosaurs in a cage match. Clawing and pinching, holding the others car seat just to make the other mad. Honestly, it was a bit much to intake at 10 a.m. so we couldn't get back home quick enough or they'd been separated that was for sure..

The rest of the day .. was much about nothing.. You know fun stuff ladies do .. kitchen, laundry, pick up toys, feed, nap for kiddos, soda, pee, laundry, vacuum, soda, pee.. The cycle doesn't end from 8 a.m. until 8 a.m.

Oh I have checked off a to do ee on my list back from spring remember I had made a comment about the hall closet.. something will fall out and bite ya.. Well fear no more.. All clean..Also, may have mentioned under my bed.. King size bed no less. . Oh ladies there was some dust that could've made you slip and fall.. It was insane..It was like christmas all over again, as tiny toys were shoved under there many moons ago and actually found.Another checkie off the list, my car.. Woo Hoo.. Not wanting to toot my own horn here.. well yea really I am.. That I progressed and actually got stuff done..

You know you're tired when you close your eyes momentarily while typing a post...

Please remember these babies I mentioned on wednesday.. Kayleigh is recovering.. she needs prayers..

Baby Stellan was flown to Boston today.. and doing well..

PRAISE GOD!! He is so awesome with HIS plan!!

Huge Hugs,



YAY!!!! On you ckecking off things on your check list.. it always makes one feel good doesn't it? What is with today... you woke up with car trouble and mark got in our older work car to go to work and he put it into gear and it would not even move out of the driveway... well needless to say I prayed for it... and I went out a few mins ago and it moved!!!!! :) but oh the good side.. It is BEAUTIFUL outside today!!

jill said...

TGIF!!!!!!!! gracious you're a busy girl! kudos to you for keeping up with everything! hope the weekend brings some downtime for you. :)