Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling all ..........patience....

Yea...Good Morning.. to each of you......(you know who you are)lol.. Happy Tuesday..

I added new tunes...I hope you enjoy..and my widget to the right...I HOPE YOU DANCE!!That is one thing that gets me going is music & moving!!

You know I have been posting in the evening..you know cause life is so hustle and bustle ..but then by that time people have snuggled into there jammies so.. they might not get to cackle at MY CRAZY LIFE!!

So, I'm gonna mix it up a bit and post this morning..WHY you ask .. because eventhough my clocks LITERALLY says 10:44 a.m. really it feels like WAY later in the day...Oh WHY you ask...???Cause 3 out of 4 kiddos decided that 5:30 a.m. was a FANTASTIC time to rise in shine..BUT there wasn't a ounce of SHINE...lol..

Lil K & Lil J are feeling their oat boats to the highest extent...I am beginning to think that whoever came up with the thought of "Terrible 2's" didn't realize what was ahead at 3's. Wheew... So therefore I courageously titled this post..Calling all ..patience...I am praying and asking for god to really help with me with patience, and to be calm even when my kiddos are acting crazy,being loud, fighting,wrestling, throwing food at each other...Patience..Patience..

Really it's not horrible, I just ask for strength to a funner mom & not seem like a HELGA all the times..(yea my oldest says that)lol..or the "Warden"

I love my children...I am also willing to bet.. that I'm not the only mom whose patience seem to decrease with age..(along with memory)..

So..if any other crazyness.. comes into this day..believe you me.. I will touch base..

Huge Hugs,



well it looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!! We missed ya'll sunday... we had a great time as well with our family!!!

jill said...

my 3rd graders used to call me the warden!! hah! hope you're having a fun day. maybe the munchkins would think it was fun to rub mommy's shoulders?!? my mom always tricked us that way when we were little. hope you get some kind of quiet sometime today!!

Mimi said...

The warden! LOL That's funny!