Friday, April 24, 2009

Who wants to dance?

I know..You're thinking I've done lost my ooples..contrary to popular belief, I believe my sanity is in check..

You are probably grasping the idea that I love music.. and I seen on my instant messenger there's a launch radio..Hello..Is that awesome or what..I hit and all the old music comes flooding back..Oh I was singing as If I was the only one in the living room here except I wasn't. Nothing like your kids looking at you like you are way to old to be moving and grooving. Another thing, is I love to jam in the car, I'm in the car alot so why not right? When the hustle & bustle is moving nobody can tell but at the intersection people look at you like you're nuts..Promise ..Not nuts here.. :)

So since yesterday's post was extremely long and I bet it gave you the feeling that it was never going to end I'll do my best to end this short and sweet.

Really it's alot about nothing today...

Let's see..lil k,lil j and I went upstairs this morning but ......I had boo koo's of laundry to put away.. Laundry is DEFINITELY not one of my things I get excited about!! So i'm puting away my laundry and sorting it to the remaining rooms.. and I'm like lil J "why don't you got get your dirty laundry and throw it down..the stairs.. I said here even is a he goes marching in there and scooping up laundry..singing his clean up song...Clean up...clean up...everybody clean up....
Uh k he says.. you help bubba clean up?...................No!! lil k I was myself..

So that was the highlight of my day..It's all of 85 today......Wheew..Hot..big girls me don't like HOT!!..

So..everyone least I hope so..Soccer Saturday is tomorrow!! We have soccer pics at 8:40 a.m. a game at 9:40 again at 11:40 and .......drumroll at 12:30 p.m. Oh heavens to betsy...Please lord..give us strength..

Huge Hugs,



jill said...

your blog looks so cute!!! ohhhh, friend, we are so alike. i HATE laundry too! and i always turn down my music at intersections because i get nervous that people will think i'm crazy. :) hope your sports-filled saturday is a good one!


Looks like your saturday is a busy busy one... I got all my housework done today!! YAY!!! EXCEPT FOR LAUNDRY! Imagine that! :)