Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday by Pictures

This is lil K when I caught her standing in my chair at the computer.

This is after she got in trouble!

K my little sassy pre teen turned miss know it all!

J heading toward the goal.. Soccer season kicked off today!!

Mr. Unhappy for having to sit out to rest third quarter

This last one is hilarious .. this would be a pic of how sleepy I was.. Note bottom of picture.. oh yea.. and we went in public like this..

Huge Hugs,



awwwww those are all really good!!

jill said...

love all the cute pictures!!!!! i think the trouble one might be my very favorite. i laugh all the time when sophie gets in trouble. what a great mom i am! hah! i also love the soccer pics!!! i was never athletic enough to play, but it always looked fun. hahahah!