Thursday, April 23, 2009

Really Has It Been... And a REALLY long post

Really has it been...that long since I posted?

Doesn't seem like it's been 2 days..The wierd feeling I was having was to pause this whole blogging thing..I'm like really ..I like to blog for not only myself but for others, that they might recieve some insight and know they aren't the only crazy,hormonal,wife,or mother whose hair might be changing colors WAY before their ready..

Yea.. I know..Just in the last week or so, I have had grey hairs come up like nothing..For when I seen one or two I was alright but now that they kind of are on top and dance..NOTICEABLY..I can't help but feel a bit saddened..If any of you(which is only a few)have seen me in person, my hair isn't short by any means... it's down to below my hiney, to put it imagine ALOT of grey hairs later down the road.. Heavens.. I hope WAY down the road.

Really has it been...

that long since I had an energy drink?

Oh since yesterday, lol. In the afternoon.. I am quite partial to my Full Throttle's honestly..They are my anytime of the day coffee. My husband works for a soda company(which shall remain nameless) and we get them through there.

Really has it been..

that long since I posted about K's ortho appt. anxiety..and then I don't relay the results.. how nice is that of a blogger huh? Her appt. went alright.. her nurse (remaining nameless as well) cause YOU never know WHO might read YOUR blog. She's a mess..One of those thoughts like.. there are some interesting nurses out there..Surely if she can be a nurse then I should be okay. Anyhow, previous to Dr. Back to the Future coming..(If anyone has seen the movie you'll know exactly what I mean), the nurse looked at her arm as did I and it did look better than when I innitially called her last thursday. The other day when I looked at it,It literally looked like she was in a fun house mirror...but you know I just prayed about it..So we had x-rays and they looked awesome.. Barely could you see the break area..Wheeww..And she still continues to wear her splint for the next week and then only when she leaves home.Also no.. softball...HMMM...For the most part it's healing well but will it completely be good in 6 months.

Then ...after I took K to school .. we went on to take lil k to the dr. It all started on Sunday.. and progressed into something with a fever..and quite the crankiness. I took a guess and went with left ear and yep..not one but two.. Yea Yea Yea. Her antibiotic didn't agree with her so she received a new one today..PRAISE GOD..Cause she has been quite the pill..Really..Like pushin my patients button pill.

I just remember this...At the end line so I thought I should put this in. So I'll make it quick..lil k & lil j were being naughty downstairs as I was transporting laundry and so I hollered and told them to start up the stairs and let mom get the clothes and you two can take a bath. So no longer did I grab the laundry and start up the stairs I hear ..splash..splash..anyone guess where they were?..In the bathroom..Playing in what you ask? The TOILET..Yes I know the TOILET..Talk about gross, nasty, ick, really double ick. Then they decide to tell me as lil j is hollering, binky..ok where is it? I kid you not, they both pointed to the toilet. Oh man..this surely can't be possible..Oh yes but it is..So we make peace, dip and scrub and dip and scrub in the tub..On to getting dressed so the two little naughty ninkumpoopies went jumping and playing around and stepped on my curtain in my room..It was brighter in there than ever before..Like a strobe light hit..They done popped the curtain of the wall..Oh I tell you what..It was a good thing it was nap cause they were headed down a road of time outs.

Let's see here, last night was church service..Need I say more.. as it was awesome..God was moving and shaking some hearts up. He's gonna do good things I know..I really need to read "Fireproof" as soon as semester is over. I need to get a list wrote of things I want to accomplish this would be to start knitting again.. I miss it soooooo much..There just isn't enough time in the day or I'd do it now but if I took even thirty minutes every night I'd be cooking farther along than I am is Thursday's can be crazy and not sure why..just seems fitzy in the mornings. I just prayed about it and gave it to god that he will give me and others going through these situations and more difficult ones strength.

We had soccer practice tonight..and it finally cooled girl)+ hot temps.= Gross feeling and it's been hot here for April.

Oh I almost forgot..HELLO..what was I thinking or was I ..following Mckmama's blog A.K.A Stellan's mom..she twitters like do gobs of others..and I love to talk and talk but as I hold stuff in to put on my blog post I forget something funny or just plain crazy so I thought what better way but to tweet..I know sometimes I do have good glance over to your right.. yea right up top and read along if you wish..

Continuing for Stellan and Kayleigh..Both still very sick.. Sending prayers and love..

Really has it been...

3 hours since I first started this post but I had to take mini breaks in between..

Huge Hugs,




My goodness, I am totally exhausted after readig this... looks like you have had alot of action going on! :) I'm glad the Lord gives us the strength to make it through everyday!

polly's path said...

Busy times for you!!!
Don't forget to stop and take a break and email me your info so I can mail you the scrapbook you won on Monday!!!
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