Saturday, April 25, 2009

!!Taking not one but three for the team!!

This is my lil k who makes mommy's patience disappear but oh I love her to pieces..She is trying to get better with her ears but I think some wind irritated them today..She had a bath, medincine and cartoonies..she went out like a light..

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Oh ya..It's saturday afternoon..I!! In hopes of surviving today with a second wind..and you peoples KNOW I love my energy drinks..I am quite partial..Without the lord..#1 for sure..for sure..and my can of sugar..I don't believe I wouldn't have survived so well to the end of semester..Oh did I say the end...YEA praise god..a few more weeks..Woo Hoo..Everyone in the vicinity do the happy dance..I can't wait...Okay see here is my new fav. thirst quencher.(my it has alot of sugar).

I knew when I hit the front door this afternoon that I felt I needed to head straight to the fridge. I felt like I was one of many running on the field today but I was really..Just watching the kiddos run eyes and brain are tired..

So we headed out the door....wait.......beep..backin up.. I didn't want to wake up this morning so needless to say mom didn't move until really the clock was screaming at me to hustle and bustle otherwise we were fixin to be in trouble. I scrammed to get everyone together in one piece and dressed and out the door at 8:30 a.m. I know to many that's late..and plenty of time but by saturday my kids are crabby patties so to have everyone with no limbs missing is pretty awesome!! Arriving at the field for pictures..gotta love that..many and many a childrens running amock..I kid you not..literally it was like kiddy land like no other. Pics game..and we're getting ready to have kick off. I had brought the babies some cereal in a ziplock bag and mind you smart mom here ..I didn't bring a container to set them in for lil k to eat out you will only guess what I laugh now because for real.. I probably looked like a nut..I used her lil tenny so promise she wasn't wearing it cuz that would've been too gross if I pulled it off and used it and I thought surely it's clean so there..I laid it all out and for J = one goal..Woo Hoo..Awesome is that!! From last weekend ...Exhibit A..
to this weekend (sorry no pic..but let me say I was one proud momma).

So one game's 10:30 a.m. and they are STARVING!! I guess I should feed them I we scrambled to McD's.. $1 sandwhiches all that took FOREVER in a you know when you order a large quantity of sandwhiches they look at you like you done lost your ooples..Like really they think i'm gonna eat them all..

And so now we've got oh 20 min. and someone left there attire at home..FANTASTIC is that..yea so running..running.. to go by the house and search..and search..make me a sandwhich..stuff it in my face..grab a soda..(Cherry Coke) and swoosh back to the field for game #2. Big J (my husband) was meeting us there to see J play since he works odd hours this was his only opp. to catch a game..Usually when dad comes around..j tries to go above and beyond acting all cool and flops..

j+2 more goals= super awesome..
One was made from half way on field and he kicked off and it flew right into the goal!!

Wheew..After soccer..I was pooped, babies were pooped..we didn't stay around baseball..we went home and in the process..babies went out to nappy land..

Yea I'm fixin to help Big J make chicken cordon bleu..

WooHoo..Praise God..I am thankful..

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sounds like you had a crazy crazy saturday! lol :)

Mrs. D. said...

Stephanie, thanks for what you wrote. It does help knowing I'm not alone. Great post!