Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Now that this week has about come to an end....through all the crazyness... through all the tears..(let me say there's been quite a bit), through each and every emotion I faced this week.. I'm really am thankful for today...

Today was the day our heavenly father was beaten, nailed and bound to the cross...the sacrifice he gave for each and everyone of us. On sunday, sweet Easter Sunday it WILL be an awesome day. The day he arose from the dead... I'm so thankful I know who jesus is.. I'm so thankful he's my rock, my shield, my counselor .. the list could go on forever.. No matter what is going on in your life.. you might feel like you are the only one at times and unsure of things...our god is so awesome that he is here day or night.. he hears our cries, sees our tears.. I have found so much strength in reading my bible and praying that I feel so blessed to be a child of his.

This song... is an all time favorite... of mine.. love it.. love it..
Pause Mrs. Stephanie's Playlist on bottom and listen away...

Huge Hugs with lots of Love,

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