Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh boy is this week over yet???

I tell you what.. this week has been especially exausting. Having K and J back in school, trying to get back into our "routine" has been interesting. K alone with her arm has been something so... let's just rewind a second back to yesterday if I could.

K has been continuously saying that her arm has been hurting more since it's been put in a cast. She had a bit of strong medicine left but the ortho. nurse had said if she ran out just to let her know. So, I had called yesterday afternoon to let her i.e. the nurse, know the pain and discomfort she has been experiencing. Anyhow, to speed this up she spoke with the doctor and he refilled her medicine but also needed me to bring her up there. She might be having some swelling going on and that's why she is in pain. I'm thinking ..Do what.. I'm like for real...cause we don't just live a hop,skip and a jump away. With bells on .. I said okay let me go get her and we'll be there shortly. The nurse sat her down and took the chainsaw sounding/rotary cutter and cut slits down long ways on top and bottom. Wrapped it in a bandage and swooshie we were out the door. By having that done, it relieved her throbbing pain...SO PRAISE GOD .. I'm glad we did go. Hopefully now her arm will continue to have a full recovery and we (crossing fingers)won't have anything else happen..

So.. moving forward a few hours.. to last night..I am trying to get the klan ready for church. Showering kids, feeding and eating.. I felt like a crazed maniac running around the house and honestly.. I just wanted to forget the whole mess.. I had a crabby husband, crabby children and personally I just wanted to hide in a closet somewhere. Got everyone ready, me last of course.. literally running out the door without my hair fixed.. I kid you not.. now I can laugh about it .. why well because I left all my emotions back at the alter. Getting to church with one minute to spare. Oh praise god..Alright so i'm clapping and trying to praise our god but really I just wanted to cry and collapse. Emotionally, spirtually and mentally I was at a point of overwhelment. I was so thankful with my pastor said something spoke in his heart and said "I feel the presence of our god here and I know there are some individuals hear that need to come forward and seek him". Hello.. ME ME..I went up and proceded to pray .. and pray.. and pray.. seeking our god for anything really. I gave him all my thoughts, all my heart and soul. I basically said.. I just don't know if I have it in me to deal with everything the best of my ability. Seriously, anyone knows it can be challenging to be a mom, a student in college, taxi driver, cook, cleaner and a wife of which the only who attends church besides my kids. I just had uncertainty about my husband joining me in church. There is nothing I want more than to be there as husband and wife worshipping our fantastic god.

It was one of the few times I just let it all out and I cried for god's love to wrap around me. I tell you what, when I was done praying.. I really felt at peace. I was then so happy I decided to push through and go to church. I didn't let our advisary win. The advisary was trying to pick at me and get me down. Oh he was trying to well but I am thankful we have a god that will scoop us back up and hold us close.


Oh this morning.. Oh I have a story.. DH and I took lil k and lil j and we went to a local restaurant. We were greeted by a women who said 4, highchair and booster? Yes please I answered. Okay booth or table she asked? Booth is fine. Okay so we're toodling back and she sits everything down and I procede to sit lil k in the highchair and NO KIDDING I literally turn around to the sink where they do dishes. We are in the CORNER.. I seemed to have noticed .. Now mind you, there wasn't a door in front of the washing area.. I was like NO WAY JOSE.. I was mad.. Okay so I move everyone to a table and after sitting my steam began to come out my ears. Why were we stuck (put) back in the kitchen/dining area. I went to find that lady and I ask "Where is the manager I need to speak with them"? That's me she said.. OH FANTASTIC ... Are you kidding me. So I say my speal about about how discriminating it was to be put in the corner because we had a child sitting in a high chair. I said we have eaten at this establishment many times and frankly, we sat plumb in the middle of the restaurant with TWO highchairs at one time. I told her it was rude, and we were leaving. She tried to kill me with kindness but I just got louder because out of the whole restaurant their was only 6 or 7 tables taken so I felt those people needed to hear how ridiculous this lady was. Needless to say, we were out the door and at Lamberts. Home of the thrown rolls.. and believe or not they seated us right with our high chair sticking in the isle and it was great.

Wheew.. Long post huh..the day has creeped by.. I'm so ready for the kids to scadaddle to nighty nighty. They are feeling their oats. Silence is awesome .. the best thing ever at the end of the day..

Huge Hugs,


Mimi said...

It sounds like you need a relaxing day at the spa! I'll come along! LOL I hope your days get better!


jill said...

gosh a-mighty!!! makes my day with 23 minis and sophie b sound like a vacation! hope they go to bed EARLY! momma needs some alone time! :) but tomorrow's FRIDAY!!! yayay!