Thursday, August 27, 2009

I bet you were starting to think............

I did vanish huh?

I wrote that post with no intentions of like poofing into thin air and becoming M.I.A......Cause that would just be rude and I in no way wanted to send off with a rude post.....I know it's been a crazy summer, seriously oh do I know..I was starting to think well, I do tend to have crazy moments in my life I could post but really I have a love for lord so huge that you can't even measure it..and to witness to people and talking,singing, some that can send others the other direction.

~~Please also know when I ask any of you if you have a prayer request, it is meant with the highest respect..I believe in prayer, it works.. I've seen it work..~~ MckMama last post she spoke about "Being careful what you pray for, cause you NEVER know" Oh I almost fell outta my seat when I was reading it and it's just because 48 hours ago my husband and I were discussing that and how it applies to us in our home and the change of events that has transpired..)Oh did you catch that part where I wrote my hubby and I talking about prayer..(that's a whole other post of things changing)...Back to my thought..

IF YOU HAVE A PRAYER REQUEST,whatever it is, please let me pray with you..You can reach me by here, my prayer blog, facebook or email...Just so you know..

Alot has been going on & so much to write about......

For now i'm off to the shower to get ready to start another

For some reason here lately, their just isn't enough time in the day to get done things.....seriously I have homework stacked....(Yep Mua..)someone help me now!!


Know I am here and I do ready your guys posts, not always do I reply but I do think of each of you all the time and praying for each of you..We might not all live on the same street like neighbors but you ladies are special that's forsure..

Have a Beautiful Thursday W/ lots of Hugs coming your way!!!



Momma B said...

I am glad to see you are back!

Rebekah said...

glad to see you post. I also believe in prayer. My grandma used to say " I cant do anything about the situation so Ill do the most important thing. Ill pray" Im trying to follow her example. Please pray for transitions for me at work. Possible change from night shift supervisor to days. For some reason fall increases my stress. School starts but organized life is more of a challenge for me. The lazy days of summer are more my pace. Ill be praying for you too. Sounds like life is a constant adjustment said...

What a busy girl you are! You wear so many hats. I admire you. It's not easy. I am praying for you right now. Just a general prayer of blessing for your life.

Thank you for your prayers for me. I truly thought of you when I was at the Mayo. Now I say a prayer of gratitude for my health.