Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saying Bye didn't actually mean....

I was leaving on a jet plane..don't know when i'll be back again!!

It's been over a month.. GOOD GRAVY N BISCUITS!!

I've even lost a follower...officially..

My life is crazy and filled with all kinds of craziness but I just forget to post about it.

Have a great thursday with lots of hugs,



Momma B said...

Hey Stephanie, I simply chained as long as my wing span and then double crocheted back into it, until my skein was gone...used an M hook. It really is that simple! Good luck!

polly's path said...

So glad you are back! You will have to blog and tell us all about all that has been going on in your life lately-you can't just disappear like that!!!!