Monday, July 5, 2010

3.5 months...

Yea that's how long since I've last posted! Ha, did anyone wonder did I fall off the planet??

So, anyone want to back track and Mrs. Stephanie will try to bring anyone whose still lingering up to date.

1. After Easter things came to a halt with Hubby and I. We separated.
2. We did get evicted
3. I did withdraw from school which I thought I could continue in the fall. UH NO. I now have a balance of $1300. I'm heartbroken and I received a letter just last week that I have until july 31 to pay in full or I'm toast pretty much. My nursing road is halted.
4. After, a few weeks we reconciled(if you call it that).
Then life took a twist...
5. Jeff was offered a job FINALLY...
6. We packed up the house like The Beverly Hillbillies but moved to.....the COUNTRY!!! Where I have cows for neighbors instead of people. LoL its been different, kinda loney but I'm surviving.
7. So, this is where I've been. I've been still following each of you but I couldn't get my blogger figured out on my blackberry so I was reading but I felt mute because I couldn't respond. I miss all of you dearly.

I have decisions to make considering working. Josh will be 4 and he'll get to go to preschool!! I still will have Ky and I really don't want to work outside the home. Anyone out there know does in home work still exist?? I guess I could open an etsy shop for something small. I know there's moms who work in home if I could just find some insight thatd be nice!

I'm sure there's things I'm missing but I'm a bit sleepy and the crew is getting up in an hour to get kat to camp!!

Alright, I'm gonna rest my head. Feel free to catch me up on anything I may have missed.




PaisleyJade said...

Wow Stephanie! I had been wondering how you were going. What a full on past few months!!

Hope everything works out great.


Stephanie said...

It's quite the blog break I know. Thank you for checkin in. You are such an inspiration with your craftyness! X Steph

Stephanie Jensen said...

Hi everyone!!