Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thoughts & Question

So.......You like the updated Christmas Background??

I thought i'd revamp this and allow the christmast spirit to shine in the window..

Last night we put up our the Christmas Tree and my digital camera is down but I did take a few with my phone so..........

unless someone could tell me if it's possible to attach them from my phone to here.....or you are welcome to come see me on facebook and ALL my photos are uploaded there!! As you wish either way is okay with me!!

Ahh yes... Some know i'm a knitter and a crochet..i'm wanting to find a super easy, keep my attention hat pattern for kiddies to keep me moving, feeling worthy to give to precious children this chilly winter so if you have an idea, a link or something let me know could you?

Have a beautiful saturday!!



2 comments: said...

your blog looks so pretty! Hope you are enjoying this lovely season :)

polly's path said...

Love the greens. I hope you have a blessed rest of the month, and a peaceful Christmas!