Monday, March 30, 2009

!!Lost but not Unthankful!!

Have you ever stood still and felt "lost"? Do you feel like you are a person with repetition that you do things over and over again and yet you feel that in the same breathe you aren't making any progress? With the hustle & bustle of time changing you sit back and watch life pass before your eyes but you feel so lost with your inner-self that you can't move. You might feel constricted to do so.. well my heart aches inside because this is me. These are my thoughts..and these are my feelings .. at certain times.. I just want to slide down the side of a wall and cry.. Not sure why.. This is just me..

These last few weeks I've felt this way.. I couldn't really put my finger on it and I haven't really yet.. I've come to see that I know I feel lost. The other night I was reading a blog and I found my first song on here "Lost" which probably just ended.. I think that song is interesting to listen to..

I think more accurately I found to make sense was #2 song "Life Ain't Always Beautiful".
Life aint always beautiful
Sometimes it's just plain hard
Life can knock you down, it can break your heart

Life aint always beautiful
You think you're on your way
And it's just a dead end road at the end of the day

But the struggles make you stronger
And the changes make you wise
And happiness has its own way of takin it's sweet time

I needed to type my thoughts out..hey I said this is the good.. the bad and everything in between..

I know before everybody jumps to say to me be thankful.. Oh I am ABSOLUTELY thankful don't get me wrong here.. I'm just feeling lost in the same breath here.

Enough already huh..Alright here we go.. one sec. here..I want to pause and show you something I found this on another blog. so get a drink and take 9 minutes and you will be in ah... I kid you not...

Amazing isn't it? Fantastic....

okay so today was day 1 one of back to school week.. PRAISE GOD .. I'm telling you I wanted to hit play on #4 on my playlist.. and dance like nobodys business.. I love my kids but wheeww.. it has been a long seemed like it never was gonna end.. I'll have to say the end of spring break ended up alot different than I expected.. Who would've ever thought I'd have a child with a broken wrist.. WHO NOT ME>> never would've predicted this.. in the least.. God has a devine plan.. we might think we have life figured out.. but it is at that point that it alters the direction..

Onto the subject of Miss K and her wrist, we had the ortho appointment this afternoon and ........... come on give me a drum roll please....

Ta Da... Miss K in her darling pretty pink cast.. Yep, isn't it bright.. I was going for a blue.. as I am partial to the color blue or grey and her dad was shooting for the camo color.. but pink we chose..

The ortho dr. came in and greeted us with hellos and smiles.. he then went out and took a peek at her x-rays and almost immediately came back and said those fateful few words "Yep, we looking at puting a cast on".. my heart sank..I was hoping by some means maybe she would just be alright in her splint but I guess that is why he's the dr. and not go figure.. We go back in two weeks and they will take that cast off and take new pics. and prob. he said they'll put a new cast on for a bit longer. I was thinking.. god is good.. it is quite possible he could touch her arm and heal it with his mighty power.. When the time is right she will be healed and recover.. Along with having her cast on.. it came to be that she won't be able to be in soccer this season after all. She had started a week prior to spring break but the dr. said nope.. no sports.. no .. following dr. rules..that might also rule out softball..we'll have to see how everything goes.

Here's another pic. of my babygirl..
and I'll definitely have one tomorrow with it signed all over..She was adament about getting a sharpy marker for people to sign.. I reminded her no inappropriateness on her cast.

For the most part this was my monday.. errands, cleaning and Miss K's appt. I didn't get to far on my to do list.. my room and the hallway closet looks so scary it could scare the bejeebies out of you.. I have done like a clean through and picked up so all long as I don't open any closets or look under any beds, it's all good..

With spring break being over.. that includes myself I have bunches and bunches of homework staring right at me .. one thing at a time.. right.. only do what you can today and the rest gets moved onto tomorrow..

I encourage everyone to take a minute and hold their loved ones and kids tonight.. Tell them you love them and give a special squishy hug.. They will be over joyed and feel all warm inside..

Sending all of you Huge Hugs,

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polly's path said...

Stephanie-thanks for joining as a follower! I hope you will enter(or already entered) the Hall of Shame moment giveaway, to be drawn this Friday!!
And I knoiw how you feel-my girl is on day 4 of her 9.5 day Spring Break.I am expecting to hear "I am bored" within a day. We have been busy with soccer, animals, and movies, but that can only keep her occupied for so long.