Saturday, March 21, 2009

**Soaked Saturday**

It seems to be that if you step outside today, you will definitely need either a rain jacket and umbrella or a canoe with rowers. It has been raining since the wee early hours of the day...

Rainy, cool weather can make a person droopy, sleepy, lazy or feeling just in a funk.. Nothing out of the ordinary has went down but just feeling quiet today..

I am glad I got up and was motivated to put the floating clean laundry away.. I don't mind to do the actual wash/dry part but puting it away .. oh boy.. dread it.. so I had at least.. 4 baskets .. yes I know 4 .. that's alot.. Give me some credit it was all clean ..just hadn't made it up the 13 stairs into the cozy drawers...

Spring Break has officially kicked off... PRAISE GOD... (I think).. ask me again here oh about wednesday.. and I'll be praying for the speed of lightening to hit and monday to come back around..

A few to-do things on here.. Making note so sure to get done:

Deep cleaning

Upstairs hallway closet.. You open that door without stability and it will knock you down with a pillowcase or two..

My bedroom..(We'll just let that one sit at that)


Oh take some pictures... I so hope it's nice enough to take some new pics..

I also want to make more time for prayer and reading my bible..It sounds terrible that I don't put ME time into my bible studying.. Okay it's a deal... A pack for myself and others who wish to join in putting more into our god.. It's the least we could do considering what he's done for us..

Well I need to start writing on a paper for school... yep and read my bible...

Until next time...


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Rebekah said...

came across your blog. I am a nurse and mom of 4. Very new to blogging and thought you might get a kick out of my post on "The legacy of the baby booties" Have a great day