Sunday, March 22, 2009

**Praise on Sunday**

A new known fact about me is that I love music.. I could sleep, eat and breathe music... LOVE< LOVE< LOVE IT... So.. listening to music.. and this song caught my attention..I heard a gazillion times but at this point in my life.. I was loving this song.. So awesome.. I was in my car driving but I tell you what if I could stopped right there and started dancing and praising... it would've been awesome.. God is so good and I hope this song.. will pick you up, get you to stand, raise your hands, praise god.. and be thankful we are FREE...

So.. hit pause on my playlist...don't be shy... do a couple turns.. once you get moving there's nothing getting in your way!!



Mimi said...

What a great song.... definitely was doing the jig in my seat! Lol


Mimmy96 said...

Oh yes I do love this song... hopefully we will be singing it at church sometime soon! We used to sing it all the time... guess we will pull it out as a special!!! :)