Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday....

I want to kind of go with a theme here.. not sure if that is the word I'm thinking of but today or thursday's I want to Headline them as just that 'Thankful Thursday'..

1. Thankful we have a god to serve.

2. Thankful I can go anytime to our god and pray..

3. Thankful I am married and that eventhough we have rocky times.. it's gonna be okay.
4. Thankful I have 4 children including jeff's girls from previously..(which I still count as my own) them all...especially my first grandbaby ..miss novalee... cutie pie!!

5. Thankful I am able to be a SAHM and attend college classes online.

6. Thankful that at this time we have a home, electric, all the essentials we are needing. In this time we are not to take things for granted...

7. Thankful I have the ability to be online and have my blog to be able to share my thoughts, and know that others wanna hear me.

8. Thankful for the women I've found online while blogging.. To be followed is not always a bad thing..:) It reminds you that.. you can have great friends through the capabilities of the web..:)

9. Thankful for the ability to be able to knit and crochet.. praise god.. I wouldn't trade my yarn obsession for nothing..

10. Thankful for thin mint cookies... Gotta love them...

The list could keep growing.. small or large things to be thankful is incredible blessings..I know in today's hours if you watch the news or read the papers... some of the writing can scare the bajeebies out of you.... If you find a few blogs.. they can make you down...

I want my blog to be of hope, strength and faith.. to encourage others to look outside of all the ugly and see there is sunshine too..

I haven't experienced even half of the things some ladies are going through but I've been down a couple hilly roads.. Back then honestly I can say I was mad.. mad at god for things turning out not the way I wanted them to. Back in between my kids in 2000 and 2004 I had miscarriages. Both times were each a set of twins. It is incredibly hard to see the good when you have lost a child. I know terminology wise it's considered an embryo but these were my babies.. After years having gone by ....I see now that if I would've had these babies, I probably wouldn't have all my children I have today.. makes you think about it ...With each day, each month, each year the pain lessens but sadness will always be in my heart.

In time I've been through valleys and hills of crazyness..It came to be when my mother in law had passed last April, I was so unsure of our god.. So many things I didn't understand, so much hurt that I couldn't bear to hold it in any longer. When I begun going to church and I remember the day last June.. when I made the choice to surrender all my heart to him and baptized in jesus name... it was the most incredible time of my life.

I'm so thankful when a day is so crazy or overwhelming I am able to stop and pray.. Having god to talk to is the best.. I'm sure I've been caught driving and praying.. people probably thought I was about koo koo.. That's okay though..

Today's post was thick I know with alot of emotions but this is what is on my heart today..

So.. now it's your turn... tell me what you are thankful for...come on don't be shy...there's gotta be a few things..

Wishing you a blessed day with lots of love,

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