Tuesday, March 17, 2009


**We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to HIS purpose.** Romans 8:28

There is always a purpose for everything in our lives. There is also reasoning behind every situation inner twinned with each scenario. When I sat out to do this blog innitially it was made to be geared toward yarn. Anyone who knows a bit about me, knows I am a yarn fanatic. I had tethered with the idea to continue with this blog because well as you see there isn't one single pic of yarn. I found there to be an alterior motive for my blog. One day as I was blog searching I had came across baby harper, then linked to baby kaleigh, and on to baby veiyah.. These were just any babies.. these are MIRACLE babies.. I write this to say my purpose for blogging has shifted.. These babies have even confirmed in my heart more than ever that I want to be a nurse with the deepest part of my soul.Whether it be in the NICU with miracle babies like veiyah or harper or be right beside a mom that has tried for so long to carry a miracle baby and you are about to assist in the delivery. I sat and read story after story of NICU babies and these precious families sharing there lives as they unfold daily for the whole world to read. I reiterate ... their is a reason behind every outcome.. A purpose... Nothing just happens just because... Back to my blogging I had come across blog after blog of women ... these women are amazing. They are christian, god loving women but also they are women that are for whatever reasons are going through IVF. My latest blog I stumbled upon would be Life with Mimi. Her name is Kami and it's her life through IVF. I found that her sharing her day to day trials very courageous in the fact that she is letting whomever wants to join her on this journey. I can say their is a reason I have found these blogs and their is a purpose of why I came upon Mimi's blog. It was no accident by any means. My love for god and his mercy increases more and more. He is such an amazing god and any confirmation needed .. well open your bible up to the book of Psalms.



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Mimi said...

Ok, you really know how to turn the water works on love! What a beautiful thing to say. Thank you! I have been alone for so long while suffering from infertility. Finally, I thought, I am going to share it with the world! And I am going to praise God while I am doing it!! If it weren't for Him, I wouldn't have the opportunities that I do. I feel truly blessed and even if the outcome is no baby, I will be blessed even more!! Because I knoe the Lord has his plans for me! Thank you again for the kind words. You are a beautiful soul.

Much love,