Saturday, March 28, 2009

Say it isn't so Saturday..

Well... another one of those posts.. lose for words I'm guessing.. The week has come to an end.. We, I mean I survived .. lol.. really here that it's come down to the end it was so bad after all.. they kinda mellowed out as the week progressed and now I think they're just tired..not so much bored anymore..I really enjoyed taking the break from school and just spending time with my big kids.. My babies get alot more attention from mom during the day.. but life has just been busy with me in school that time gets away and before you know it the day after day is done surpassed. I really am thankful for all my kids, I know they can push my buttons and try my patients but geez, they are still my kids.

This week we kicked off youth week at our church.. It has been great..We've have services most of the nights this week with continuing until sunday evening.. I'm really taken in some new things in my mind, in my heart. Unlike someone that has been always a child of god, I have just been baptized now.. it'll be a year in June on Father's Day to be exact. Anyhow, like I was going on, my faith has been something I always struggled with and along with that just my strength and be able to go and give everything I have to our god is hard for me at times. I know he has a plan for us.. I just got to tune in to listen when he let's me know of mine. This is also something that here in these last few weeks I've been battling. Like I had first said in my last post that I have just had this unsure quiet feeling for some reason. Like I feel lost at time because I haven't figured out my place here in this world. I know I'm a wife, a mom, a child of god but there is something else.. something that god is going to use me for.. If and when I point my finger on it, I'll be sure to update.

So .. I know I had headlined this "Say it isn't so because..." thursday night our church held a skating outing up in springfield and my kids and I all went and had fun. My two older K & J looked so big and they are growing up so fast. Lil J put on his first pair of skates and he was so cute.. he just toodled right around in circles. Lil K just made laps with a cookie in one hand and her binky in the other. And then in one blink of an eye Yep that's right, she was skating along and her feet went out from under her.. and you guessed it she was hurt. We had iced it for a bit and requested prayer for her wrist. K continued to cry and say the pain was too much so I decided we should have it looked at. Three hours later... DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... broken wrist... If you could've been a fly on that wall.. I almost fell outta my chair when the dr. uttered those few words.. He went on to say she broke her Distal radius and that it wouldn't be best to cast it until the swelling goes down. After just a few hours of sleep (that includes momma) and some pain med. She could sit for a few minutes with peace. Last night we had went to service at church and everyone had prayed for her and she could rest for awhile on the seat but she still felt compelled to stand during praise singing. God is so good and is he good part of the time? Absolutely not.. he's good ALL the time and I am so thankful that her brake isn't worse than it is. Giving glory to him in the good AND the bad is so important. Now we wait for monday when we go to see the ortho doctor and he'll decide to hard cast it or leave it in the splint for the remainder healing process.

I couldn't end without adding my boys decked out in there skates.. now could I..

They are calling for rain continuing on this morning and switching into snow.. Snow in March... Only in Missouri do we have unpredictable weather.

Everyone knows Mrs. Stephanie LOVES music.. so why not add a video to make everyone get up and do a couple twirls.. With trying to find my place here.. I thought this video was well felt for today! **Don't forget to pause playlist at very bottom**

Huge Hugs with lots of love,


Mimmy96 said...

Don't ya just love :)

Rebekah said...

Enjoyed the song. Im off to work and now I have a great tune stuck in my head to hum all night